Izzys at the vets

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    Izzy’s currently at the vets sedated to have a debride and suture on her carpal pad.  She tore it at the woods on monday, i dry bandaged it but yesterday when i was redressing i knew it would have to come off, the flap wasn’t good enough for a stitch or anything.  🙁

    so they’ve quoted me £106 for the suture, £93 for a sedation and £24 to dress it!  😮  She said it could need bandaging for weeks but i was like  p:-)  i’ll take care of that.  And they put on metacam and synulox but i said only as a very last resort.  The nurse questioned me saying she’d have to give the vet a good reason, i said coz i said so  😉 there was more raised eyebrows when they found out she isn’t vaccinated  😀 but they didn’t lecture me on anything, all in all i was quite happy.  I have to call them at 2pm to see how she’s getting on  :-\ :-\


    which vets is she at laura?


    Moorview, in backworth  🙂


    aww if it had of been the hospital i could have gone in and seen her 🙁

    Hope her foot is better soon :-* Dodger managed to skin his stopper pads a little while ago :scared:


    aww poor izzy  :-*


    hope she heals ok :-* :-*


    Poor Girlie

    Hope she is home soon x


    Ouch that’s nasty, Piper’s done that before!  :hurt: Hope Izzy’s better soon  :-*


    the patient
    [img width=468 height=351]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g283/Foxisle_crazy/IMG_0275.jpg[/img]

    she’s feeling sorry for herself  🙁 she has to go back in 5days.  They’ve given me Clavaseptin, only ended up costing £160, £70 of which i had to pay for my excess so not too bad  :-\


    I replied to this ealier but it’s gone!!! What’s up with this board lately  :boooo:

    Nice to hear Izzy is home, at least she got a purple bandage  ;D


    she’s feeling better today, been to the woods although she cant tear around.  I had to get one of those waterproof boots for when we go out, poor girl looks like she’s got a boxing glove on  😀


    Poor baby only just seen this couldnt get on the board all day yesterday  ??? anyway hope shes back to her normal self real soon!  :-*


    Oeshe Izzy, hope foot heals fast girl  :-* .

    Bet mam is spoiling you ro-hotten, but you won’t take advange of her now would you?  :whistle:  😀 .


    Back to the vets tonight to get her dressing changed.  She’s absolutely sick of it being on now  🙁 i feel for her  🙁


    Well the bandages came off thankfully.  Its looking quite nice.  She was limping yesterday so i was a bit worried but when they cut the bandage off it was full of little stones+pebbles  🙁 so thats obviously why she was limping poor girl. 

    She’s now gone into a licking frenzy after not being able to get at it for 5days.  Im going to have to put a sock on soon  p:-)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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