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jargon – well it’s a start…

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    charging clickers – before any training starts the dog has to undersatnd that the click means something good is going to follow the sound – this is called charging the clicker to the dog
    what we do is throw loads of very small treats on the floor and click as each one is picked up by the dog – then we offer some from the hand and click as the dog takes them, then one at a time on the floor – to test the clicker is charged we then have a treat in the hand – if the dog looks to the floor then we know that s/he is expecting it to be dropped, if it a new puppy then we use a tube of cream cheese- squeeze the end and as the pup licks it we keep clciking.

    the clicker is a ‘bridge’ it lets the dog know that the behaviour you want has been done but opens up the gap of rewarding for that behaviour.  we have 3 -5 seconds to reward a behaviour that the dog understands s/he is being rewarded for. after that then the dog does not realise the reward is for THAT behaviour – what the clicker does is create a bridge – the click tells the dog that what has just been done was what was wanted and because the clicker has been charged then the dog knows that something good is coming – ie the reward/treat

    targetting – 2 types – 1 – target with the body – the dog is taught to touch something with some part of his/her body – like in agility when they have to touch the red bit on the seasaw – or with gundogs sitting at peg waiting to be sent in

    2 – a mobile target – a target the dog follows, usually a target stick (pole with a red ball on the end for example) that is used to direct the dog to an object or item or to give a cue – if you have watched mary rae in the heelwork to music routines? she uses a wand in her sorcerers apprentice ‘dance’ this is her target stick for telling the dog what to do – ie a cue.

    cues – the words or visual signals or whistle sounds we use to give a behaviour a name – like sit, stay, down, drop, left, right etc have to be chosen carefully so as not to create confusion in everyday life.

    free shaping – a clicker training method that traps an offered behaviour – it is detailed on here will find the link – or parker will haha and add it in

    operant conditioning – the science behind the ways any being that is capable of learning can be taught

    Reward: the good stuff

    1)     Something good is added  – lets say a food reward
            The behaviour is likely to be increased – lets say a sit

    2)   Something bad is taken away – lets say the pressure on a choke chain
         The behaviour is likely to be increased – the dog learns to stop pulling

    Punishment; the not so good stuff

    3)   Something bad is added  – lets say the choke chain is yanked
         The behaviour is likely to be decreased – the dog hates that so stops pulling

    4)   Something good is taken away – lets say the dog is called from something nice and then   immediately put on a leash
       The behaviour is likely to be decreased – coming back to a call will slow down or stop

    classical training (classical conditioning – the mind takes over the body) – this is the training that is done whilst the dog is still too young to realise s/he has a choice – just as a baby before s/he becomes a toddler.  the more that is taught at this stage the more the dog will be ‘programmed’ to respond without question – if that learning breaks down as the dog matures – especially during the sexual developent time – then you can get it back easier than any training taught when the dog is older and has learnt that – well – ‘i dont have to go back cos she will come and fetch me’ first.

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