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    you know what makes this board special?

    read widgets thread re this morning’s episode…


    then really read it all again…look at the mix…the various bits of advice, the support etc..how it goes off on tangents and becomes educational while the empathy remains

    next time there is a blow up on here…find that thread…just as a reminder 🙂


    Was first place I came to ‘speak’ about it – I knew everyone on here would understand/ help xx

    This board is always fab for advice/ support/ friendship etc.  🙂


    This board, and the people on it, absolutely keep me sane.

    And thank you to everyone, coz I probably don’t say it often enough.


    :yes:  :-*


    I’d be lost without this place.. i do worry about silly things like drinking water / not drinking wtaer but I would never not ask you lot  :yes:


    Ditto to what everyone else has said, i to would e lost without this forum :agree:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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