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    Hi all,

    The past three to four days Toby has started barking in the house for no reason, he’s doing it now and its deafening, a real bark, as if trying to raise the alarm if you know what I mean, it can be as frequent as every half hour, or every ten minutes in short bursts.  He starts whether we are in the room or not, if not he comes dashing in to see us and is really persistent.  Not sure what has started it, he’s been a bit grumbly and a bit snappy too, I feel he’s almost trying to tell me something he’s so persistent, that probs sounds silly but somethings definately going on.  TV is off, I’m reading a book, no noise from upstairs, really confused by it.  He’s not clingy, trying to be more independent I’d say as he’s started going into living room if I’m on computer in spare room or vice versa.  Nothing else has changed, the flat is back to normal after the painting, no new people, no new sounds etc.  Any ideas or am I barking mad?! 


    Is he always going in to the same room to bark?


    Hard to say, because I think it is in the living room that he starts, does feel that way, then he runs to find us or if we in the room he just persists.  We’re not saying anything, just waiting til it runs its course as I’m worried we encourage it, each bout lasts for around two minutes, its a real loud persistent bark too, not an angry bark, more like the bark he does if someone at the front door or a new person is around.


    any chance of mice or other critters in the walls or floorboards?

    quote :

    any chance of mice or other critters in the walls or floorboards?

    Shut up!  Better bloody not be or we all moving out!  God Nick, you’ve got me thinking now, mega creeped out and don’t want to know, we got a trap put in because we have a water pump under the floorboards to drain rain water away[high water table] so we could easily check too but I’m too freaked out to look when Alex isn’t here!


    I would check the wiring plugs etc and heating maybe something not quite right that he can sense??
    Or as Nick said you could have mice 😮


    A ghost maybe  😮

    Liz & Joe


    Jeez you lot, I was thinking of something a little more ‘fixable!’  Will check all three things, he’s definately trying to ‘say’ something, other ideas gratefully accepted, just don’t scare us!


    which room was painted?



    My 2 immediate thoughts were either crawlies or ghosts – was thinking i was gonna sound silly but I see ppl beat me to it !!

    It could be something electric humming/buzzing somehow I guess …

    I have a train tunnel that runs under my house but i’m guessing with that water table you guys probably dont have that one 😉

    Other thoughts – squirrels, wasp/bees nest, birds got in somewhere …..?

    Claire x


    perhaps its the wind/rain/neighbours dog a few doors down ?


    angela, try googling for –

    ghosts dog barking

    … but dont do it at night haha !!  especially as one person says their grampa got woken by a ghost dog – perhaps the previous dog met with a sticky end wooooooo…..


    or maybe someone has one of these


    nearby and he can hear it ?

    claire x


    Has he lost a toy?  Joe, get’s all bossy boots if he want’s something and can’t get at it.  And sometimes he just barks cause he’s bored.  Like when he’s been on his own during the day – he barks I think just to talk to someone.

    Maybe I should get him a hamster to watch or something.  ;D

    Is the barking at certain times or random.  Maybe he can hear your neighbours.

    Liz & Joe


    Hi everyone, we painted the whole flat about two weeks ago so the paint smell has gone and all the furniture put back right.

    This is a real odd one, because he has started trying to sleep on the sofa in that room since we painted it because his bed was moved from the usual room for a couple of nights while paint dried. 

    This bloody flat has been a real start to finish nightmare over the past year since I bought it, its a money pit and I just have a bad feeling about the state of the property in general, the other flats in the street seem sound, this one has had horrendous problems with paying for the pump to be fitted following the dampest coldest Christmas ever (£800) then replastering (£600) whole flat rewired two months after we moved in despite solicitor seeing guarantee for electric work – the certificate was a fake! (another £800) whole flat painted (£400 + paint)  plumbing work (£300) all in a year.  I could cry just thinking about, we don’t need any more problems!  If I could sell the bugger I would but we stuck with it at the mo and it needs the jobs we knew about from the start like new kitchen and bathroom.

    Ok he barking again, in the spare room, just heard a definate knock on the wall from next door, may be coincidence but will listen out more carefully for noises connected with barking.  But that would suggest they being unusually noisy

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