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    Hi Everyone
    This has just come through from Bull Terrier welfare regarding a GSD please
    cross post and let everyone know about this guy…
    Linda ShananRo Bull Terriers
    East Anglian Bull Terrier Club Welfare Officer
    Dear All.

    I have received the following information which I feel is important for you
    to take a note of and let as many breeders and rescues know about this.

    PLEASE PLEASE can you circulate this “man’s” details to all your rescue
    contacts and tell them this man must not get any dogs in the future

    He recently adopted a dog via a rescue off BIGGSD… a week later the dog
    was seen advertised on a pets-for-sale website

    We have contacted the website and explained he’s signed an adoption
    agreement and the dog is still the property of the Rescue and they’ve
    removed it… and we’re in discussions with the “man” to try and get him to
    hand the dog back. He had the dog on sale for £350. He uses the name “Ben
    The Bear” on BIGGSD so may use that on other forums/websites but his full
    details are below

    [email protected] uk
    Mobile No. 07717 292969


    >:( naughty naughty!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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