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    No but you are way of topic there are loads of things that will keep cats out of a garden start another topic and we can talk about it.
    These dogs were out of order and not under control no cat deserves to die by having their guts ripped out alive


    so its alright to let it poo all over someones garden ?
    and terrorise there small animals ?


    hiya sorry so busy here at mo (we have a guest on friday and having to tidy etc  ;D ) anyway there were no pysical marks on the cat, so not sure if heart attack or broken neck (either way cvat has died and was found with the dogs so probably was the dogs that did it). personally i would have taken the cat to the vet to find out how it died for my own sake…

    also side note they are not friends of mine, just work here  😉 they are a very very young family!

    since said incident they have had poo through their letter box, people banging door down, death threats, threats to kill the dogs they have had the police sent around as their dogs were alledged pit bulls in an attempt to have them seized, they have only lived in this place for few weeks and now are living in fear.

    ok i agree totally that we should all be responsible for our dogs and the training of such and i think people that come on here understand this and take steps to do the right thing…but we also know that the majority of people do not bother…

    my cat used to stand on the wall of my neighbours yard and stare at her dog (a little jack russell cross) now the dog got into my yard one day and caught my rabbit, it almost killed it and it would have had i not prised its jaws open  🙁 now my neighbour wouldn’t do anything she said it was a rescue dog and that it was doing what was natural, i lived knowing that this dog would do anything it could to kill my cat & rabbit my daughter was traumatized by the dog but was there anything i could do? no

    wow i have gone off on a tangent, i guess my point is that some people will do what is right, alot won’t and unfortunately the end result is often something like this, but have this couple learned anything? no they will just move again.


    I feel for both families.

    Trust me, the cat did NOT die of a heart attack, birds do that, cats will fight to the death.


    I feel for the cat’s owners because they were obviously very worried about their cat and whether you like cats or not, someone owns them and loves them very much.  But why didn’t the cat have a collar with a number?  Maybe it had a chip.  I don’t know what I would have done if it was me.  To be fair on the owners of the dogs, they did bury the cat and contact the owners when they found out who it was.  As for the statement from the cat’s owners ‘they could’ve left him on the step’  I would have been mortified if I got up and found my dead cat in a bin bag in my front door step.  There is no proof either way that the dogs did or did not kill the cat.

    The people that are now treating the family with the dogs so badly – are just idiots, vigilante’s if you like – acting on impulse – which is a shame for this family,  they only tried to the right thing.

    So the lesson is – if you find a dead cat, with out a collar – take it to a vet and let them deal with it.

    Liz & Joe


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=11904.msg227835#msg227835 date=1214943420]
    I think you must keep going regardless of if its a dog cat or a bird. According to my driving instructor who told me off numerous times for slowing to not hit birds. She said you will fail a test if you do that on it – I said fine least i wont have a dead bird on my conscience  >:D I did also ask if the same applied to kids but she wouldnt answer me  ???  ;D

    remember that sort of thing with my driving instructor.  >:D he said a cat wasn’t worth getting the back of your car smashed in for.  >:D >:D i did not agree.


    and in the case of this – the dogs were in their own garden. suppose you have just got a rescue dog but have a secure garden do you not let the dog free in the garden in case a cat or bird comes in and you don’t know how it will react?

    i can see this from both sides of the fence as it were. i remember our cat being chased – in our garden – by 2 loose dogs that came in (there is a track behind and other people’s dogs were always coming in and cr*pping all over the lawn) – which were actually dogs the owner used for some form of hunting one of the neighbours informed me – one was an akita. would they have killed? probably, possibly. but a) she was fast b) i was out there and appeared and meant business.  >:D they saw me, looked at each other and turned and left.  😉

    dorain has been attacked by a cat – (same one as above  ;D she was not keen on dogs…) and also had neighbour’s cat that used to come in house. Tortie and white but she was lovely – and remember her sitting under kitchen table and hissing at him and him like  :-\ ??? 😮 .  ;D but he will chase cats – in fact i would say both would – and no i don’t have it on cue cos i don’t know how – and can i guarantee that they would not kill a cat – no i can’t be sure, don’t think they would. but my garden is secure – 6 ft fences – next door neighbours have moved in with about 3 cats… it worries me. duibh barks at them – he has found an area of fence he can stick end of snozzle under.  ::) they did both get chance to chase a cat once – it was unharmed, and they came away when i called them. but i wouldn’t want to guarantee.

    we had a cat once that went awol – never saw here again – spent ages searching… is that what happened to her? who knows….

    yes they should have made more of an effort to find the cat’s owners. but i don’t think they should be subject to the abuise they have been getting. the dogs were in their own garden. and yes the dogs should probably be better trained too. but accidents happen.

    for some reason in this world everything always has to be someone’s fault.  :-\



    just on wags point – some people a couple of doors down from my friend were moving in and their lurcher got loose and killed one of her cats – she has another, the brother and littermate been together all their lives and he is now pining and living a terrible life.  The cats owners (cat was in the street outside) saw everything and were devastated to lose their beloved girl.  Lurcher owner apologised but wasnt too bothered 🙁

    did it make the paper – no coz it wasnt a “newsworthy” type of dog.

    will probably have more to say when read the linkie



    GSP – very true … whatever happened to “accidents” … you know where there is no blame, no revenge, just regular old accidents….

    OK – the story …

    burying the cat on the beach was a poor choice – yep they only been there 6 weeks but surely they could have taken it to the vet to have it scanned for a microchip or call around local vets to have them check their records?  so – poor choice, seems to brand them a bit uncaring and thoughtless IMO.

    from reading it – the dogs were left alone in their garden when they were new in the area and it could have been part of the cats territory.  It is always a good idea when you move to put out deterrant and keep a close eye on the dogs for a good while if you are going to go out and leave them in the garden.  Personally, I wouldnt have left them in the garden while I went out anyway, I just dont.  Again, perhaps a little bit thoughtless but not an obvious mistake really if they’ve not had previous trouble with cats.

    Could they have done more to avoid it happening ?  YES !

    – deterrants
    – close management for a number of weeks

    Did they act thoughtfully and sensitively ?  NO !

    – distress/panic might have prevented them from ‘seeing straight’
    – shame probably prevented them from asking for help

    WHY didnt they go ‘door to door’ and attempt to find the owner ?
    WHY didnt they contact the vets for a scan or identification ?

    These 2 simple steps could have prevented them looking so ‘shady/uncaring’

    So … they could have done more to avoid it, they could have done more to help the poor cats owner but they didnt.  The picture with the tiny baby in it just makes them seem harsh as if they’re saying ‘see our dogs are kind, its not our fault at all’

    Although this is the case, I dont feel either the dogs or cats owners are “to blame” here it is just  very very sad.  They certainly dont deserve all these threats etc … but equally the cats owner didnt deserve to have her cat dumped like rubbish on a beach.

    Have they approached the cats owner calmly without the dogs or baby as a distraction?  The way it was reported has probably also gone against them as it puts them across as “we are right our dogs are perfect” rather than simply being humble and sorry.

    Have they approached the cats owner and actually said sorry in person and actually meant it because from the newspaper article they come accross as not giving a **** about the cats owner – i would think this is what caused the nastiness not the killing.


    they go around to visit the cats owner and apologise in person etc and explain as best they could, did i mention its the cats owner and her sons etc that are making the death threats?  🙂 i agree one of those things, but they are a bit young and silly and don;t think ahead or think things through there are quite a few like that here  ::) and to be honest his girlfriend was in tears when she found the cat absolutely distraught, i think its him that organised everything she was devestated and would probably have done anything  🙂

    thanks everyone for views, its appreciated  🙂


    was the cat ummm not sure how to put this – badly bitten etc by the dogs or??


    well i’m told there were no visible marks on the cat, which was why they were ‘happy’ so to speak to go dig it up again to take it to the owners  ::)


    Well I will be controversial.

    Dogs not under control in the garden?


    My dogs are in the garden, I am on phone, loo, in shower etc.

    Cat comes in garden.

    My dogs will chase it, if they catch it they will kill it. Just as they would a rabbit or any other prey species.  One of my breeds has been geneticially modified to eliminate cats (Weimaraner) the other has an extremely high prey drive.

    My dogs have been in other people’s houses with cats and not touched them.

    If you have cats and they go outside you take the risk of them being run over by cars, being attacked by other cats and being killed by dogs.

    That is life.

    If you do not want to take that risk then keep them confined.

    Dogs will be dogs, and to suggest that a dog that behaves in this way is “not under control” is, IMO, somewhat less than realistic.

    Dogs kill things, Cats kill things; it is the way of the world.

    Whilst one does not encourage killing it is very difficult to prevent episodes such as this due to the sudden environmental contrast effect.

    One can train and control dogs when out with them in fields of sheep, cows and even deer, but much harder if you are walking across the moors and a lone sheep/deer pops out of the undergrowth.

    I have walked through Richmond Park loads of times and the dogs have taken no notice of the deer (due to flooding etc) but if one suddenly appears around the corner it is much harder.

    Trained gundogs are easy to counter condition to rabbits, much more difficult to do it with hares……….

    I agree with a previous poster, had the breeds been a cavalier king charles spaniel the event may not have caught the headlines.

    Everyone has an agenda


    i agree SP – was part of what i was trying to say in my post but you seem to have put it more clearly.  :-\


    i totally agree that this would not have made the news here if it hadn’t been this breed of dog, our local paper is the same as any other national paper likes to stir things  ::)



    you didnt mention (or i missed it) that the cats owners were making the threats. 

    i had my next door neighbour yell at me about how they’d rather my dogs were killed than stay here just becuse they bark a bit when ppl come past (i live in a cul-de-sac off another cul-de-sac in semi-rural area – its not exactly busy!!) and …. they have a dog come to stay with them who is CRIPPLED from that syringimelia thing that cav’s get and constantly barks from sep anx. and still they say they are “animal lovers” pah!

    the dogs owners dont deserve this treatment and in hindsight perhaps they could have done more but its done now and everyone needs to get on with their lives really.

    nothing stopping dogs owners from getting CCTV camera to mount inside which covers the front of their house 🙂  i am sure the police would start listening if you showed them it. particularly if they logged every threat (police wont do alot unless its independently witnessed without video) but i was told logging everything helps in cases like this.

    and perhaps a letter to the cat ppl apologising again saying sorry etc… but also saying threats have to stop – it gone far enough.  to me they dont sound your “average grieving cat person” i spoke to my friend who lost her cat after it was eaten by a lurcher right infront of her face and even she agreed this was too much.  i think a personal but formal letter making it CLEAR that they are sorry for the loss and regret their actions afterwards and admit they wernt thinking straight etc …? but also making clear that it was an accident and no-one is “to blame”. 

    had my dogs killed a cat i would have offered to pay funeral costs etc … if it wasnt insured or sent something for the grave / whatever (perhaps not after the threats but they could still rise above it all and make some gesture being careful it didnt seem sarcastic obviously ?)

    what do others think ?  a new family in a new area – they must be feeling pretty sick right now off to a bad start 🙁

    also – i dont know if you are still in touch with them but i spoke to the sargent person or whatever and he said ppl that speak threats rarely carry them out – if they really wanted to kill them etc … they would just have scattered rat poison over your fence or something the day after.  also by writing it can encourage them to write back and if they threaten then its evidence obviously.

    Claire x

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