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    [quote author=zerlinda link=topic=11904.msg229345#msg229345 date=1215588707]
    well i’m told there were no visible marks on the cat, which was why they were ‘happy’ so to speak to go dig it up again to take it to the owners  ::)

    Yep and heres my problem – no marks at all? what not even one pucture mark………..wouldnt there be something? anything? just seems strange to me………….I know of a yorkie killed by a staff – was quick grab neck snapped, it still had puncture wounds……..


    i think its strange too suz ?

    perhaps it could have been a heart attack – there is that thing about pedigree animals being weaker??

    or – it isnt impossible that it fell off the fence and broke its neck or it was just its time to die ?


    thats what i was wondering – or some sort of accident – just knowing staffs, they grab and they hold – i dont mean to offend staff owners, but all those ive known who have bitten have left their mark – and TWO of them? I just cant believe the cat wasnt more damaged……….

    Jesus have seen a staff grab an english setters ear – even with me holding him on to make sure he dint pull back and rip the ear (which he was trying to do) and he still left one hell of a hole……….

    Something just doesnt ring true.


    Cat could have picked up poison, not all poisons make them foam at the mouth


    YES – antifreeze, killed our cat, not foaming  🙂 but probably other stuff as well.

    And still cant believe this family sending death threats – it was an accident, we never knew who dropped the anitfreeze that killed our cat but if we had – still wouldnt of sent death threats as devestated as we were!


    you have a point – you reminded me of an incident in kennels where a staffie managed to get another dogs foot through 1″ mesh and it had to be amputated the injuries were so bad 🙁

    to be fair – the other is a std am bulldog not a staff but yet your point is an interesting one.

    i got the feeling there were “bits” of my friends cat and that was from just one little lurcher and from what i seen they more nip and shake prey?

    i am so sorry about your cat suz 🙁  i wonder if someone near by has rat/mouse/slug/etc… bait down and it died of that and the dogs just left it be?

    claire x


    they can die of internal injuries – ruptured liver\spleen – without any apparent external injuries – unless you might see bruising under the fur if you clipped it off.  :-\


    ooops sorry Claire yes forgot the other was am bulldog – but same sort of breed (and im not generalising before anyone jumps the gun) but yes Id appreciate others views on this – Bev Val? with a staff and bull dog breeds – wouldnt we be expecting visible marks?

    [quote author=GSPmad link=topic=11904.msg229598#msg229598 date=1215644449]
    they can die of internal injuries – ruptured liver\spleen – without any apparent external injuries – unless you might see bruising under the fur if you clipped it off.  :-\


    other type of breed maybe – but not so sure with  a staff etc………….


    well to be honest i didn’t believe them when they said there were no marks, but then when they dug the cat back up i figured they weren’t lying  ::) i honestly don’t know what to think except it all got completelt out of hand, and piglet i would have done the same had it meen my dog i would have offered cremation etc

    i saw a cat try to cross the main road out of town yesterday it ran full pelt over the road made it over the first half then ran smack into the side of a wheel and bounced off and ran back over the road into the bushes (was awful to see, but nothing that could have been done).  Now i don’t know if it was seriously injured i expect some damage to the face etc from the way it hit, but maybe something like this happened and it ended up in their garden and died, could have been anything.

    i have been told that the threats etc have now settled and that other people in the street have spoken with them and said all is ok etc so maybe now its all over.


    Hmmm I wondered about the possibility of a car accident – but did onder if there would be damage – mind our cat went missing and we found him in a real state, vet reckoned damaged from a car – but nothing obvious to the eye………just a VERY poorly cat.


    i haven’t been on here for a while or a long standing member either i am quite shocked to read some of the posts in here only one person knows of the family and people have made up their own mind on facts that are not even in the article.

    I have had dogs all my life from baby to now, and in general cats and dogs do not get on full stop.
    Patsy who i grew up with all u had to do is mention cats and she would bark, she hated them would she chase with us being there no, would she in her own garden yes, would she of killed it i dont know most likely.

    its was her terrority sorry for spelling. Since having chaos my english mastiff cross he was brought up with cats kittens really but would be gentle and submissive, but outside would chase not to kill but to be friends.

    i now have a english bull terrier and my partner has 3 cats gaia my little pup was 3 months old on frid and is living down in wales. The cats are used to dogs and they tell her off when needs be so she has my partner,myself and the cats putting her in the dog house.

    if gaia is out in her garden and a strange cat comes in she will protect her area like i say above if we are not around. If she kills one then i would do what i can to find out the owner or go to the vets, even doing that can have its problems.

    as you can go down the rd and find numerous amounts of vets where i am right now there is over 3 when i move to wales tomorrow there are 2 i know of. This may sound cruel but i wouldnt want to go to every vet in town with a dead cat in my arms due to it being distressing. but i can only deal with so much.

    now chaos had sired some pups and some pups came to stay with me due to it being a very big litter my cat i had could not stay with me and stayed with a neighbour till pups went back to mum or new owners. now coffee my cat choose to stay with neighbour as cats choose you not you choose them. i took chaos out one morning to find coffee under a tree and chaos already knew as we walked up and took me around the path and i saw him laying under a tree.

    her didnt move which told me something was wrong so i went closer and found him dead at the same time a couple walked by and was about to say something very wrong till they heard me say his name. and heard chaos cry. he wasnt even wagging his tail. now i dont know what happened to him may of been hit by a car and he had laid down and died there for all we know, you just dont know.

    people assume far too much now days. and is something that has to balance out.

    and yes these people could of tried more but at the time you dont know what goes through there minds and you was not there to see it for your own eyes so the morale of the story dont assume and make up your own versions of what really happened as you dont know >:(


    the OP asked for opinions – opinions have therefore been offered and debated…..



    people are MAKING SUGGESTIONS / OPINIONS as as specifically asked by OP who does know the family.

    the moral of the story is to try READING the posts.



    erm i have done so i went threw the 3 pages of it and from the info that the original poster put up too on th e1st page there are a couple or more posts on where people have imedietly  blamed the dogs, which i think is just the easy answer to this and is wrong.

    and i also have to ask did the cats owner take cat to the vet or even the police and find out if it was actually attacked as that would of been the only way of finding out for sure.

    and i would of been as hot tempered with this if it had been any other breed of dog. oh an dthey dont actually know the family they work with them so as u can see i do read not try



    the OP asked for opinions – people gave their opinions you cannot say its wrong because no-one actually knows.  regardless of breed – there is alot of circumstantial evidence if a cat is found in their garden – cats owner obviously felt they did it and it seems as if dogs owner did too.


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