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    Just because you dont agree doesnt make these people wrong. I happen to feel that the family have got bad press, but I still feel they could of done more to find the owner. But I also wonder if the dogs did indeed have anything to do with the death of the cat.

    Who will ever know………only the cat and the cat cant tell  🙂


    I expect that in hindsight they probably wish they had never confessed now as it would have no doubt been easier all round for them and for the cats owners who although distressed would have got over it in time, now that they have a focus for thier anger & grief it is different.

    Putting myself in thier position if i had only just moved there recently and had no idea who the cat belonged to i would probably just bury it if it had no id, i mean lets be realistic – how many people take dead cats they have never seen before to be scanned & checked for injuries etc?

    Sure i’d be right pissed off if it were my cat too but i would be even angrier if i found out someone knew it was my cat and didn’t tell me – these people didn’t know who’s cat it was until afterwards & that should be taken into account i think, it’s not like they murdered it, they weren’t even there themselves when it happened.


    [quote author=neo link=topic=11904.msg230031#msg230031 date=1215914432]
    and in general cats and dogs do not get on full stop.

    for someone that says not to assume….  ::) that is a bit of a sweeping statement.

    it depends on dogs and cats and whether they have been conditioned and trained to accept each other. only today i have been watching a video on another forum of someone who breeds both dogs and cats – and a 10-14 day kitten pottering round a large hunting breed of dog – who lay there and was careful not to put paws anywhere that might squash.

    opinions have been asked – opinions have been given – nobody says ‘this is what happened’ or assumed anything as far as i can see.


    to be honest i was interested in opinions from here as i thought they may be different to the general no dog owning person, and to be honest they have been.


    I think it’s one of those hindsight moments myself. I know people will not agree but i think i would have just kept quiet about it. Can’t really say though having not been in that position. Is this the sole root of the war between the neighbours Zerlinda? Was there any bad blood between them beforehand regarding the dogs?


    no nothing they didn’t get to know anyone as only been there a very short while  :-\ a horrid introduction to the area for everyone, them and the cat’s owners, very sad  🙁

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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