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    Pick up the new additions on weds – cant wait – Oscars in for one hell of a shock  😀

    Kira – the mummy

    [img width=307 height=468][/img]

    Rosie – kitten number one

    Daphne – kitten number two


    Awwww how cute are those kitties? :-* and Momma cat is very pretty too.

    So where do you sleep Suz? 😀 ;D ;D


    LOL in the bed – sort of!

    Oscar and these cats all sleep downstairs – dont do cats in the bedroom cos they wake the dogs up and make them play lol!!

    cant wait to go collect them – not long now, off to pet shop tomorrow to get more litter trays and beds etc!!


    They are so so pretty, hope they settle in well!! Suz, do you have curtains  😉  >:D


    woohoo tomorrows the day cant wait – got about a 2 hr drive if traffics not to bad!! went to pet shop today got a few bits and stocke dup on cat food LOL  ;D


    How exciting  ;D


    they are Home!! they are so gorgeous , mummy cat is now called Betty – shes super friendly and chilled, rosie kitte is so friendly straight up for cuddles and first to explore stuff – daphne is much more reserved and is quite worried by everything  – they have met dex and rosies met dex and many – but for now just letting them settle in a bit more before more introductions.

    oh they did meet oscar – oscar was horrified, he absolutely didnt know what to make of these intruders lol!! Betty totally chilled though which was good.

    Will get lots of pics and post over ext few days x


    awwwwwwwww puss cats

    can manky cat come to you as well please


    manky cat????


    Very cute!  :-* love the kittie’s colourings


    its about 17/18 – skinny a bit scabby and sleeps lots


    Thnks Iz – the photos dont do the kittens justice they have amazing colour coats and betty is a real lovely silver colour!

    Awww wags poor thing would have a heart attack here with manny LOL!


    All 3 are settling in SO well!! Daphnes very shy and keeps herself to her self – Rosie is very confident and oscar likes to get her to play! Betty goes around batting anyone who doesnt do as their told ( me NOT included i should add lol!!) x


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=15849.msg279769#msg279769 date=1305054011]
    woohoo tomorrows the day cant wait – got about a 2 hr drive if traffics not to bad!! went to pet shop today got a few bits and stocke dup on cat food LOL  ;D
    Am green with envyyyyyyy  😀 . I would like another pussycat and puppy. But sunshine says it’s one or the other so… Puppy it will be. Btw, your Oscar less picky than mine than. Mine demands raw like the dogs.  Petshop must think i got snakes cause i sometimes buy feeding mice  ::) .


    LOL Diesel – if i can have 4 dogs and 4 cats you can def get another cat!!

    Oscars loving little daphne its so sweet cos shes so shy and i worry she feels left out but she follows oscar about like a sheep lol!!

    Diesel they eat whatever i throw down for them so not fussy this lot!! But if they can get to the dogs food they will!  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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