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    My neighbour has a Westie, think he’s just turned a year old! Last week his knee popped out the socket, they took him to the vet and they popped it back in – the vet said the dog can usually do this itself  ??? Anyway he’s still limping a bit and my friend has been told not to walk him for a week but this could happen again – is there anything she can do to help this or stop it from happening?

    Any help greatly appreciated!  🙂


    Did he mention luxating patella?  It’s an inherited defect. 

    In severe cases they need an operation, but in milder cases, keeping the dog’s weight down, no stairs or jumping on furniture and steady exercise, not twisting and turning, can build up the muscles to support the joint.


    yep think Roughs covered it – is not nice but i do a few dogs who are known to pop the knee out  :vomit: creaky knees ick  :surprise:


    Thanks I’ll find out what else the vet said  🙂


    icey has been having problems with her knee , she skips along on that leg , dabbing foot on ground, when in the house she limps a bit but can put foot on ground but only slightly touches floor, gave her some metacam which vet suggested & walking a little better today, limps a bit @ night as stiff on that leg i guess, if it continues i will have to take her into vets for a recheck.


    The vet mentioned he could need an op but they’re goning to see how it goes  🙂

    {{{hugs}}} to Icey  :-*

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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