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    ive got a lack kong for stan and yesterday i gave it to him for the first time, however i put some quite large treats in it and he had difficuty getting them out and now i think ive put him off playing with it.

    ive even tried putting his dinner in it but he would rather go hungry that get his food out the kong :-\


    the black kongs make me blush  :-[  😀

    have you tried extra tasty treats inside.. or honey and banana mushed up? We put haggis in ours  :yes:


    the first treats that i put in there were ones that he loved but the were a bit big so got stuck, he tried for a couple of hours with no succes so in the end i dug them out but now he wont touch it

    [quote author=xtine link=topic=13885.msg263008#msg263008 date=1236882138]
    the black kongs make me blush  :-[  😀

    😮 😮 xtine cant believe you said that 😀 😀


    hehe – i find something odd about the black ones too lol !!

    i have pink red and blue here !! 😉

    i would put it away for a bit then bring it out with something extra special in (not boring old dinner;) )

    claire x


    ok something like some cooked chicken or mince?


    not absolutely sure what stan can take with his diet probs but some suggestions …

    one for busy ppl is to coat it in marmite – dogs seem to luuuuuuurve it and you dont have to faff around filling it or worry about what to put in 😀  Just coat it inside + out in a thin layer … not fill  it 😀

    other than that chopped up black pud is cheap and smelly nicey !

    claire x


    think i will have to get a few bits to try him on first


    i would say whatevers cheap but am mindful of your stans tum – perhaps Suz could suggest something as i know she has to watch what Honey eats ?


    max can rip up anything, but, the red kongs are surviving well. perhaps get a red one till he gets used to them, theres a bit of give in them iyswim. then bring the black one back out.


    i certainly wouldnt give marmite because of the salt content…not suprised he has blocked it out after trying for 2 hours to get out large treat bits bless him….there are loads of posts on here re kong fillings…have a search


    thanks i will have search tomorrow


    oooh thats interesting !  will pass that one on 😀


    kerrie – if you worried that he’ll lose interest if he can’t get the big chunks out (fair enough!) then go for mush stuff, like mashed up soaked dog biscuits with nice chunks of whatever in there (mince, chicken, whatever!)… seal the little end with some peanut butter, and maybe smear peanut butter around the inside – not hard to get out, just hard to reach.

    If he going for the softer stuff, then do one but freeze it.  Have something really tasty near the big end, so he starts going for it, but he’ll only be able to get a little out at a time as it frozen until his licking gradually defrosts it.  R refuses to attempt to chew out big chunks – instead he goes into the hall (tiles) and throws the kong.  Bounce bounce bounce – big chunk comes out.  Have much more success with frozen soft stuff!


    hello stan….my fave is honey and narnies…but i get crap kongs too love ami xx



    hi ami ;D so that what that thing was, mum tried giving me nannies before but they all squishy and get stuck to my teeth. ive not tried this honey thing though, will have to pester mum to give me some to try. love stan xx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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