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    it had like a wire-haired sort of coat mainly black and grey !

    talking of beardies i met one briefly over xmas – it had a pathetic sort of “i’ve been clipped off and partly grown back” mess of a coat but i had to laugh because it was tanking along with a very slight-build owner in tow (probably punishment for making it look SO awful !!).  why do people buy them to clip them off ??????

    Claire 😉


    I met a spoodle (springer/poodle) 2 days ago and he was gorgeous and very very sweet. He is old, so assume accidental, as the trend for oodles is more recent? Anyway, he had the most scrunchable big head!


    Awww bless  🙂


    [quote author=Christof link=topic=214.msg1651#msg1651 date=1106519646]
    I am looking for any information that anyone might have on poodle / terrier crossbread dogs. I am a terrier man but my wife is allergic to dog hair. Please help.

    [email protected]

    If you are a Terrier man, have you considered the very handsome Bedlington Terrier?? Non-shedding and hypo-allergenic so shouldnt be a problem for your wife … they are a very lovely and affectionate breed …



    ooh yes what a good suggestion 🙂

    its a myth that “oodles” are the only non-shedding breed and with a crossbreed you have no way of telling if you’re getting a poodle coat or something else 😉

    Claire x


    What is wrong with some of you DARN PEOPLE? AREN’T THERE ENOUGH unwanted dogs in shelters and on the streets being ran over and killed without people breeding specific “new breeds” for selfish reasons?  Listen There are Poodles and Yorkies – WHY do you want in-betweens?

    I am seriously considering a “Josef Mengele” award on my new pet site (not Top Dawgs) for certain breeders and puppy selling sites…actually it is something I’m not just considering but will do.

    National Pet Week is coming up soon – give a thought to the thousands of unwanted pets in the UK – actually all over the world.

    baby b

    I understand what your saying, but, these boards are set up for all different topics and all different kinds of people. No matter how much you shout about it it will still go on, so its good to have places that educate people in the proper way to go about it. No-one forces people to read threads like this so if you don’t like the title then don’t read it. There’s a lot of people on here that would agree with you. I myself have 4 mixed breed rescued dogs, but I wouldn’t dream of shouting at or insulting the people that are interested in the new breeds that are coming about.



    I wasn’t shouting or insulting…although I could be accused of not saying things the way people like to hear it…just my style…


    Just though I’d put this link up to a dogs trust page regarding “designer dogs”.


    Hi all, I was speaking to a lady yesterday who works at a local shelter and she was saying they have just got a puggle (beagle & pug cross) in, its been handed in with extremely bad aggression and its only 14 weeks old that was bought over the internet!!! Need I say more. :'(


    How sad. :'( As long as people are willing to pay upto £3000 for a cockapoo and similar then these so called breeders will keep producing and when the pups turn aggressive they get thrown on the scrap heap >:(


    Havent been on here for a while…. why is this site promoting these ‘designer breeds’.  Come on folks get with it – these are cross breeds i.e mongrels.  There are plently cross breeds in shelters up and down the country looking for a new home.


    ??? ???  wasnt aware this site was – i think if you read all the posts you will see that it is negative discussion that is going on unless someone who has one is looking for advice.


    Soz my mistake….. :-\

    Just read the first page and saw one person comenting on breeding springerdors and couldnt believe it….. these arent even a breed.

    Have now re-read and see that yes most peoples comments were against so called designer breeds….  My point was they they are not breeds, they are mongrels.

    Note to self: must read whole thread before commenting.


    You will find that we all feel the same about these so-called designer breeds 😀

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 427 total)
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