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    ooh i am finding this really interesting its kinda nice to know you agree with everything we dislike about many of the choc lab breeders and i suppose that in a way people get warned off as its easier to give out names of good black parentage/lines to help people.

    it sounds like for anyone looking for a quality choc (and you shouldnt settle for less just because “you dont want one for showing”) could now be pointed in your direction.  i’m gonna be nosey now and ask if you have any pictures of your girls?  please excuse my showing ignorance but what sort of shows do you do and have your dogs won good prizes too?  do you think all colours get equal “chances” in the ring or do some judges favour the black coat?  just nosey !!

    and for the OP (just so you’re not forgotten!) there is a couple of pups left in a litter i know about details follow:

    2 x black males – tasco/drakeshead lines.  pm if you want contact details.

    claire x

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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