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    Large Fit Fur Life Treadmill, in excellent condition, only been used a few times. I am only selling because I am cutting down on my dogs to show my Bengal cats .
    Can be tilted to an incline aswell as using it on the flat
    The computer shows speed, distance and time while the dog is on the treadmill and also has safety cut off.
    price £POA       
    Buyer collects


    what is it? whatsitdo ;D


    A doggy treadmill?  Now I seen it all!  ;D


    You know when you see people in gyms running on a tread mill while going no where this is one for dogs  :ok:
    You don’t want it anymore than I would we like fresh air and hiking

    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=12552.msg242620#msg242620 date=1222460423]
    what is it? whatsitdo ;D


    I think this will explain what it does etc



    i think if i put ami on a treadmill she would think i had lost the plot…but i guess they have their uses…


    😮 😮 😮 😮 how much…….jeez…i will keep getting up in the mornings…


    honey says

    I no do the gym so stick it…………..

    sorry she naughty today  :nono:


    I can send photos of my dogs on the treadmill to anyone genuinely interested and i am selling for less than half the price it originally cost me new


    ami says

    whenyougotogymtheniwillgotogyminmeantimewegoforwalks  8)

    ok…and hi and welcome by the way but…

    why use a treadmill….must admit i am really a bit baffled…


    honey quite agrees – I been told by chiropracter NOT to go to gym – honest she said i musnt, i told her i love her  😉  😀  😀

    bev i wonder if with lots of dogs treadmill is ‘easy’ option- dont know interested too actually! saw a programme with the on recently?


    My dogs all go out for their regular daily walks,the treadmill is used for extra fitness,muscle toning and can be used for injury rehabilitation


    is that why the dog fighting people use them to get their dogs better muscle toning? i saw a room full of them on that programme about dog fighting was on a while ago


    Hi JJ – what breeds of dogs do you have? Just interested, i suppose any breed could use it?


    I have a friend that wants one of these treadmills, whereabouts are you and what are you asking for it please? also what size is it?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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