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    latest member…mypetbubble

    is an on line vet  ::)  tested…registered….posted a basic ‘problem’  …dog being sick after eating rubbish…had a choice of fees  ::)…min to answer basic q was £25…. ::) ::) no card registered no answer…. now being blasted with…we can help you shite…


    as i didnt reg a card…even tho the site says free  ::)

    have now been offered free consultation with disclaimer…of see your vet or talk to me on line for a cost of only …. ::)

    these on line vet sites piss me off…can we ban on application??


    hmph for that price i go see my vet for a hands on visit, that aside how can you diagnose online like that can see people being really caught out by it!!


    have you not seen these sites suz?

    not just vets…they like any problem google it and then get an expert…lawyer…banker…solicitor…doctor…blah blah


    really? nope never knew they existed!! i think its crazy as bad as a doc trying to diagnose you over the phone!!


    I hope you are not getting too many of these people.

    I have noticed in the last few days there seems to be an increase in members joining.  Or is me just having some time for once to drop in more often? :order:


    i think it increasing but been away for a while so not sure what has been happening since the facebook thing…i dont do facebook…bloody hate it and i know val does too  think the more val and i say/show we hate facebook so if you want advice or dog chat etc come on the board… the better it will get……also think oldies are looking and some coming back…tho saying that we getting more so called business folk joining…or it seems that way to me…have been on at the odd times…as i am want to do  ::) and there has certainly many guests checking threads…
    we will cope with the weirdos colin…as we do…look…in all seriousness…who will take on val and I as a team lol  :gum:


    yepyep…i let in linvar  ::)

    did google but missed out a letter so came up no probs  ::) ::)

    let in…then searched again  ::) ::)

    it a dog/pup selling site..looks like a epuptz type of site

    sorry  😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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