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    I heard this on the dio yesterday, what a tosser,


    he should be reported not made a local bloody star…we need a dickhead smiley  >:D


    Doing us geordies proud, lazy bugger, woman near us drives up to the park everyday and lets her poodles out for 15 minutes, then whistles to get them back in, don’t think I’ve ever seen her get out and those dogs have very bad people manners too  >:D


    That’s dangerous, the dog could get caught under a wheel or the driver could run someone over by not looking were he’s going, I  am surprised the police has not put a stop to it  :order:


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=12686.msg245058#msg245058 date=1223974277]
    ..we need a dickhead smiley  >:D

    I found one but poss bit too rude for a family forum! 😀 😀

    Stupid man >:(


    someone was arrested for doing this in usa and his dog re homed.. its just dangerous! lazy [email protected]


    it enormous…think about this …
    i will start you can add  :educated:

    carbon emmision
    no off lead play and stimulus
    no training as says he pulls

    off you go…..


    …urm car chasing, can’t imagine what his muscles and body must be like from a constant run and how do they change direction, can they only turn right? poor pads must have taken a bashing at first too…

    no people contact, no dog contact…and what happens if the dog is spooked at something and tries to bolt?

    and you probably wanted something more scientific didn’t you  :crazy:


    no hun…not just but whatever comes ….want to extend folks thinking is all…


    near my mother’s there is a playing field next to cemetery and track that cars can go down… to reach cemetery….

    people regularly drive down there…. open car door, let dogs out…. then open door let dogs back in and drive off again without shifting their fat backsides.  >:( >:D

    had it one day… had taken dorain and duibh out to try and exercise and settle them before i had hosp for sedation and gastroscopy…. bloke drove down, let dogs out, they came, fronted up aggressively to mine, cr*pped on playing field and then he let them back in and drove off….  >:( >:( >:(

    was so livid he got bag of dog poo chucked at his car…. (i pick up after mine y’see, esp on playing fields used by kids…) as he expected to be able to drive past me as i walked up the track…. he didn’t pick a good day.  :-X

    drives me spare…. it really does…..  >:D

    and for an area that is meant to be a middle class type suburb… i think it says something – and not something good – when i pick up after my dog on the pavement and someone actually feels the need to come out of their house to say thank you for doing something that everybody should be doing….  >:D

    sorry have gone off track a little bit.


    bang bang bang damage to joints esp in large breed… normal exercis is run stop play not steady…

    driving at that speed danger to other road users… they will have to overtake, risks of accidents….


    and the obvious one what if the dog trips and falls  😮 doesn’t bear thinking about


    a friends parents used to do something similar woith their lab years ago… would drive.. kick dog out.. continue driving and dog would follow.. am not going to say what job the Dad had, but he should have known better  ::)


    Wow that takes the biscuit for being lazy – is all well and good till he runs the dog over – sorry what an arse. Poor bloody dog  >:D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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