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    A new website Leapdog.org launched this week. It offers a free service that puts walkers in touch with dog owners who need help exercising their dogs.

    Why is this needed?:

    Dog owners often don’t have enough time to give their dogs as much exercise as they need.

    Walkers often have lifestyles that mean they can’t have a dog of their own.

    Leapdog.org puts dog owners in touch with dog-loving walkers. Walkers benefit by having their walks enriched with the pleasure of being out and about with a dog. Dogs benefit by socialising and keeping fit.

    Leapdog.org is non-profit and is run by dog lovers for dog lovers.

    Follow this link to read how it works: http://leapdog.org/how_it_works

    Being so new, the database of dog owners is currently pretty small. Potential dog walkers will only be motivated to use the site once a certain number of dog owners have registered. If you know anyone who may want help exercising their dog, please let them know about Leapdog.org

    Note that we take privacy seriously (see our privacy policy: http://leapdog.org/privacy). In particular, dog owners’ contact details are not revealed to people searching the website; the owner decides if and when to reveal their contact details to a walker who has contacted them via the website.

    David Easley


    So what security measures do you have in place to protect the dog owners? Or infact the dog walkers – ie to stop some nutter contacting them…………..


    yeah … and propositioning them lol !!!!!!!!  ;D ;D ;D


    I would worry about something happening with my own dog, i.e magically gets loose, another dog attacks her, my own mother worries about taking my dog out incase something happens to her, how would you feel about someone else? The idea in principle makes sense, but who would be insured and liable if something was to happen. Would the walkers be checked, i’d be worried about her being stolen. but thats me, worry worry worry.
    But it would give a great new lease of life to those poor old souls stuck inside whilst their parents go out/work!


    me too – i would worry… i won’t let my mum walk Fritz.. the girls fromthe village came to take her dog out when i was there this weekend, they were not taking Fritz  :nono:


    have a nice time at your mums hun  >:D 😉

    No answrs from the OP then – shame………..



    I can see in principal how it would work but the insurance for that must be extortionate. Or do they hope that should there be any claims (particularly if the dog causes an accident), it comes off the owner’s insurance (assuming they have their dog insured)?

    I can see how if someone really can’t get out and about, maybe because of mobility problems r the elderly, it would make sense. But wouldn’t those people who can’t give their dogs what they need either try to rehome them or ask friends or family to walk them first before allowing strangers to take their dog?

    Sounds like a good idea but also sounds very dodgy to me. There’s no way on earth anyone but me is allowed to walk my loonies. They are big strong dogs but walk well on a lead. If anything was to happen to them if I was silly enough to allow someone else to walk them, I’b be looking for blood!  >:D

    Laura xx


    Great idea on face value.

    Just a shame that the security for both parties is missing.


    and just to add…

    anyone with a disability or is aged etc can apply to the cinnamon trust for help  🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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