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    Hiya everyone, we been quiet recently, Alex and I are having two weeks off work and Toby is loving the extra attention!  Alex reminded me to ask something!  Since Toby came home we have switched off all the lights but the passage one at night, his first few months if we turned it off it seemed to disorient him and he’d either pace a lot or move his bed and blanket around a lot, its been on ever since and although an energy saving one still not good for people that like to be ‘green!’  Do you think it would be OK to turn off the light at night again?  Do you lot leave anything on for your pooches at night?  His bedtime routine – he sleeps in the living room, is cued to get into his bed when I say sleeptime, then just a kiss off me and he stays put, then I turn off light and leave passage one on.

    Thanks!  :-*


    Only one way to find out really Angela and that’s to turn it out and see what happens.  He certainly doesn’t need it to see, sounds more like something he’s just used to now.  Give it a try and if he gets edgy either give him some more time to adjust or throw it back on and don’t worry about it  🙂

    oh, and we need some recent pics of the Tobester!


    how about using one of those night lights that plug in? Ok you still not green, but bet they lower energy, or a dimmer switch and gradually dim it down each day till its off.


    yup I say try it and see – only way to find out  😉

    an no lights on for honey –  🙂


    Night night light out end of problem  :ok:


    Cleo hated the dark when i first got her – she would go uhm ape sh*t if left in a dark room

    i started leaving the lights on
    then left a lamp on
    then left a night light on
    then left lights on outside the room (ive got glass thingis above all the doors)
    then left the lights on further and further away from the room
    now she doesnt give a stuff


    I find at night once I turn off all the lights downstairs all our dogs know thats it for the evening and its time to settle and sleep.  If I leave a light on they don’t seem to settle so well.


    lights go out here – doggie perfectly happy, but he is used to it.  🙂


    We did night night lights off last night and he was fine, I read for an hour so I could listen out and no probs at all, hurrah!


    Well done tobes :-*


    good good  ;D


    nice one.  🙂


    he’s a big boy now!  :-*


    aww well done you guys.. he is coming along in leaps and bounds now –  good boy Tobes  :-*

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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