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    Because I need you to mod me, if needbe as everything is getting too much atm. Need to tell you

    Livia was attacked by another springer on a walk a few weeks back, the dog put a puncture wound in the back of her head and scratched her eye. but basically had hold of Livia’s head. Jess couldnt get to Livia’s aid in time.

    Bev has been to see Livia and Jess the next day.

    Owner is now a member on here and is seeking help from Bev – after I advised them to get it sorted.

    Things are very tense at home, dad keeps falling over, he getting nasty with people- esp me n mum.

    Just in case I bugger up- please feel free to mod me  😉


    Oh Izzie, a problem shared and all that hun (((big hugs)))  :-*  :-*


    Poor Livia –  :-* you know where I am xxx


    Fanks Ladies  :-* :-* Appreciate it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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