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    If you make a Super Match check your outfit as much as the dog she would not look good in that dress even if it was a Pekingese LOL

    East Anglian Supermatch 2010 Best in Show


    And invest in a good bra!  ;D ;D ;D


    heavens REALLY??!!! dont worry val is no way in the world id wear a dress that low cut on any day let alone to bounce round a ring hahaha!!!


    There is a FB page on dog showing fashion police  😮

    Some things that some people wear or dont wear is shocking!  :scared:


    oh dear – when showing dog – keep puppies at home


    Spent so much time watching for her t**** to drop out of the dress I nearly missed the dog :surprise:


    haha brill…many years ago with my first clumber polly…was in a show with a really hyper boyo… we both made it to best of breed class…to be honest i couldnt understand how he got there but i was a novice shower and pol and i had done well throughout (was fitter then) …in the last run around around he totally lost it and grabbed his owners wrap around skirt…she ended up having to decide to declare her knickers…catch the dog…pick up the rags off the floor…or just sit and cry…she sat and cried…i sent polly to her bed and caught dog before he went into the sussex ring…judge picked up the rags and judges hubby being the perfect gent took off his jacket and covered her as he escorted off the ring…we got best in show  ;D  eventually… ;D ;D

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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