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    hi all

    thought id pop in and see how u all are  enjoyed reading all the gossip and looking at all the new pics  nice to see so many new names about

    im well apart form this bloody cold iv got 🙁 the guys are all well darcy is still mad as a hatter but love her training every week and has learnt so much but still as mad as ever 🙂 rosie well she was poorly but has mad a grate recovery and has promised not to get ill on a Sunday anymore 🙂 she has lost loads of waight has got hips and every thing 🙂
    teddy well is teddy he is doing ace he lives with otherhalf now so only see him at weekends which i hate but he enjoys my side of the bed while im not there:)

    works going well and i live with a lady with 2 mad lurchers which is nice

    ummm try and think of some news

    i had the dog borstal team come other week to film me grooming an old english which was really naughty but was really exciting as it will be shown in the autumn 🙂

    we all went to a dog show and all the girls placed was only a funshow but was a grate day out teddy got 3rd best trick he sung along while my mum played a penny whistle rosie got 1st for veteran and darcy got 3rd waggest tail



    Welcome back Bryony ;D
    Teddy looks very handsome, have you left his coat longer? it’s beautiful


    Welcome back  🙂


    yeah its still long and shaggy hes been a bit itchy so its been a bit scraggy at the moment how are u all


    Hallo again nice to see Teddy looking well and regal


    welcome back  🙂


    lol he isnt called lord teddy for no reason lol  ;D


    Great pics  :-*  hope the rolling one doesnt involve fox poo 😛 😛 😀


    Teddy looks fab  :-* what was wrong with Rosie? glad shes feeling ok now. And lovely to see Darcy looking so happy shes one pretty springer :-*

    Hows work? ;D


    Welcome back Bryony, wondered where you were  ;D


    lol the stop srop and roll is her way of hiding the ball from darcy lol

    well woke up and rosie was like she was drunk couldn’t walk and head on the slant assumed it was a stroke so took in to vets day b4 payday of corse which was a Sunday of corse  >:D and it was a deep ear infection in the finish but she is all ok now bless her:)

    teddy is so grand keeps telling me to come on here to look at honeys pics lmao he now is happy to go and play with strange dogs and he even now plays with a ball with treats in which he would never used 🙂

    work is good bit slow at the mo but we are ticking over  but it was super ace meeting all the dog borstal crew  and being filmed and what have u well worth the pian in the ass oesd and all the groomers who gonna watch it go omg look how they hacked it lmao

    how have u all been


    all finey fine here thanks – you going to groomer of the year in October??

    Glad Rosies ok bless her bet she was feeling uncomfortable  :-*


    yeas i am hoping to but i no im not good enough to compete im trying to find pics of last years dog but not having much luck  i assume u will be going?


    hi welcome back

    you seen my new puppy  😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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