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    We dont get many “rare” dog breeds in at the clinic , usually you standard schnauzer or yorkie or poodle but yesterday my favorite breed came in! A leonberger! Granted I have only read about them and had no personal experience with the breed I have been in love with them since forever and one of our clients had a female she brought in a lot because we had to amputate her tail and since shes passed on the womans gotten another one that fell into a rescue and he’s a beautiful big boy, a bit underweight at 130 and 10 yrs. old but gorgeous and has a big lovely head!   Starting to joke that maybe my Daizey is a teacup Leo!?   :agree:




    a few weeks ago..was taking loki back and meeting his folk with frutz on hampstead heath…we got lost  ::)  and we pulled up and asked a guy that was gardening for directions to the entrance …as we spoke 3 appeared …just gorg….(huge house ..as in beverley hills huge)  they just so lovable,,,,as long as one likes slobber buckets  😀


    ooooo he looks gorgeous and cuddly :-* :-*

      and Daizey beautiful as ever :-* :-*, hows she doing?


    He’s gorgeous! :-* :-* My mam loves leo’s ;D


    Gorgeous, one large breed id consider owning. Saw a lovely young male one at cold wet nose show – gorgeous and cuddly. Used to look after two pups at the kennels, used to sit in their kennel with them and they both pile on my lap for cuddles – didnt do that for long though once they started growing – my lap isnt THAT big  😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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