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    Free register of Lost, Stolen & Found Pets

    LOST/Stolen Mortimer Common, West Berks. 17.3.09. ‘George’ Labrador Cross entire
    male. Black with a tiny fleck of white on his head. In sunlight he has a tinge
    of brown. White feet. Medium sized. 10 years old. Wearing a small leather
    collar. He is very friendly and a little bit nervous.
    Any information please contact [email protected]… or (mobile) 07770 722 348


    LOST Drayton, Norwich, Norfolk (no date given) ‘Rocco’ Staffy cross entire male.
    Mostly white with a black/brindle patch on bum and base of tail. Black dots on
    skin under white coat giving him a slightly spotty look. Black dots under eyes
    looking like small black tear drops or eyeliner. Black nose. Small black/brindle
    spots on his ears. Coat is very short, almost transparent in places. Rough
    patch of skin between ears in centre of head. It is slightly discoloured and
    feels rough to the touch. Microchip feels as if it has moved to upper leg on the
    outside. Approximately 20 inches at shoulder. 15 months old. Very friendly dog.
    Any information please contact [email protected]… or (mobile)
    07886 427 250


    FOUND Lower Earley RG6 15.3.09. West Highland Terrier entire male. Adult,
    outgoing and friendly wearing a distinctive red collar.
    Any information please contact Mandy Dorman, Animal Warden, Wokingham on 0118
    974 6356

    STILL MISSING, from Saffron Walden Essex since 21st January ‘Jacob’ Bracco
    Italiano, 3 year old entire male. Orange & White, smooth coated, large breed of
    dog, dropped ears, partially docked tail. Microchipped. He is no longer wearing
    collar and tags, now believed to be stolen, may eventually be passed to a rescue
    centre. Have you seen a dog similar to this in your area? Substantial reward
    offered, no questions asked.
    Any information please call 07828 671 550.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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