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      German Spitz – bitch (neutered)

            Mittel. Colour of a Golden Retriever, she is mostly golden with white legs and white underneath her tail. Scar from having a C-section. She also has a little black spot on her back, right near her tail. She is around 30 cm from her feet to her shoulder.
            Her tail will curl over her back if she is happy but as she is on her own and doesnt know the area yet, she will be frightened so her tail may not be up. She will be 4 year old in October and is wearing a thin red collar with a silver chain on that adjusts to her size.
            Ran away on 11th of August 2008 in Salford, Manchester.
            Contact (email) Alex_w_2005@hotmail.co.uk or (mobile) 07849305058
            Added 12th August, 2008    LD5626

    Her name is Lily, she JUST went to her new home on Sunday and slipped out the gate on Monday morning. She doesn’t have any way of knowing where she lives yet or anything, poor baby. Her breeder is frantic.

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