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    Well the mad merle is now 10 months old so about the right time for it really – i havent noticed any discharge or swelling however Glen thinks she smells quite intresting so i think i am going to take his word for it. Shes also been a bit soppier than normal (which is a lot).

    So i guess what i am asking is what other signs appart from the odvious are there?


    swelling of the vulva
    more licking washing slurping of bits
    nipples may be more obvious
    will wee more often
    wee smell different…you can smell the hormones
    mopey clingy behaviour
    sometimes increase in narkyness (pmt lol)
    a show/light discharge just before the blood comes
    winges whines generally miserable

    oh…and mum mum i need a ‘s**g’

    the way she manages the 1st season is what you got for life lol…often not much
    bleeding in first season…dont forget she will go clear around day 12 ish that when she will be most fertile and putting out the ready to mate signals..and she aint done until she had another bleed after that…she may get tummy ache…i use st johns wort…and a dog can smell her from 5 miles away

    have fun



    No swelling
    No discharge
    No enlarged nipples
    No licking
    No extra wee
    Not narky (she’s to soppy)
    She’s a very soppy dog so it’s not really something to go on.

    The only sign is really that Glen is super interested and she’s the right age


    ok….i would say she gone pre season…so about 6 weeks 8 weeks ish


    Awkward little madam lol

    Can’t she just get on with it like a normal dog? Lol


    lol wags…that is normal…if boyo hadnt been nosing up bum then you prob wouldnt have noticed yet

    mmmnicesmellygirlie  :-* :-* cubert


    It’s odd though as he’s been round girls in season at my friends and not showed any intrest I guess it’s because he knows she won’t rip his face off the big wimp


    she well might when she first comes on lol

    most dogs that have self control will just do a check sniff until the fertile days…only have to move cubes out on ami’s high days…thats the only time she will stand for him…upto that point it ‘dont even think it about it boyo’…and he knows better  ;D
    a good proven stud wouldnt really show much interest until he thought it was time to pass on his genes…waste of energy otherwise

    if boyo finds it hard to cope with then give him gelsemium … doggy bromide
    i spray girlies bum featers with vals coat spray but i increase the geranium oil in it..


    Haha we shall see

    She’s a skinny wee thing though could really do with filling out a bit


    well…most girls will eat twice as much coming up to a season..preparing body for pups…so maybe she will stack out a bit in the next few weeks…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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