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    This was on the radio before, the owner of the dog said it happened a while ago.  As far as im concerned, whether the dog bit him nor not, maybe that’ll teach him not to stick those bloody political leaflets through doors in future!  😀


    maybe thats their new idea for fundraising  ???  :surprise:  :canadian:


    It was more likely the letterbox took his finger off, some are lethal 😮


    i saw this in the news paper. he said Jack is 12 years old and have barely any of his teeth left. the ones that he does have are rotten as well as there being a letter box cage over the letter box there’s no way Jack could of bitten the man’s finger off.


    That’ll teach him to vote for Labour innit? lol  :surprise:


    lol my dogs eats post especially if there is something good, we came home one day and there was a half eaten cheque by the door…. i think she likes the postman and wants to be his friend l ;D
    we keep the door shut now so she cant get to the letter box(shame she cant eat the bills  :happy:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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