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    Ever since manny got knocked off his feet by a judge at a ringcraft match night – and then atacked on his own doorstep by an american bull dog ( once it had him pinned down  2 times its gone for him and ive managed to get him out the way – and yes im still trying to find out where it lives!!) anyway since then hes been a nightmare – to the point id barely take him out, his amazing recall was useless if a dog came near him cos hed freak and run – last time he did that was out onto a road near fast moving traffic 🙁

    anyway hes been attending dog classes for some weeks now – and today i took him to a small town where we can walk up by the river all on lead stuff ( not ready to test off lead just yet!!) and he was just amazing, im so pleased, he will now ignore most people and can be easily distracted from those who do frighten him – and he even sat and waited while the other 2 boys greeeted a dog – he just used to scream and bark till they moved away, i dont think he will ever be like the other 2 who love everyone and love playing with other dogs – but to be able to take him out and not want to die of shame cos hes screaming, its just wonderful!! and hes happier too which is the best thing!!


    Great  news he is young enough to get over this  ;D just takes time


    He will get over it, it will just take time- thoughh it helps that Dex and Fletch are both confident boys too!

    Well done to both of you! x


    Thanks guys – wont be trusting him off lead for a while, not cos he will bite i just worry he will run off in fright!! but on the lead hes doing good so its all a good start!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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