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    Well she’s finally home, picked her up Saturday she’s amazing the boy’s love her and vice versa and she’s amazing with aeryn, I’m bloody in love with a terrier it’s unreal lol! She has some separation issues but had good advice off the rescue and I’m sure she will be sorted soon, she was allowed to get pregnant on her first season 🙁 and I’m her third home 4th if you include the rescue centre! but I will be her last home x



    more pics – gorgeous ain’t she  :agree:






    She is lovely!

    looks like she has settled in nicely now!


    Niiiiiice  ;D , she has a cute little face with the brown spots hahaha. But Suz…. Is that your daughter? Is she that big already???  :surprise: Seems like only 3 months ago that you posted pics of her just born.


    Lol yep that’s aeryn she’s 2 now 😀

    jessy is settling in great went off lead first time today no problems, love her!


    She’s beautiful.


    Na-a-aha, soon you’ll become ‘Suz, the terrier lady’  :whistle:  hahahaha.

    It’s only when you have it, that you know what it is really like. Or atleast, what it can be for you  😉 .

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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