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    a few of my baby mia she is between 8 and 10 weeks in theese pics


    awwwwwww like the 4th one ;D


    awww look at that nose…that a kizable nose  🙂  :-*


    aww she lovely :-* :-* i’m not a fan of dogs in t-shirts but she look nice in the 4th pic 🙂


    Nice puppy but tell me why the coat thing she’s a member of a working family she looks Naf in the shirt


    Got there before me Val, lovely dog, doesn’t need dressing up  ;D she’s a beauty, more photos please!


    I don’t think it’s a coat I think it’s a T-shirt probalby just put on for the photo either way cute looking pup for sure.  :-*


    ANOTHER poodle awwwwww  ;D


    Gorgeous pup 🙂


    she is a lovley girl and the shirt is my daughters idea she even wants to get her a coat for winter and as long as mia doesnt mind then i dont mind either i know shes a dog but shes also my baby and i wouldnt send my kids out without clothes on and i appreciate that everyone has there own pesonal opinion on dogs in clothes


    shes already got a coat lol  ;D



    i think she looks gorgeous !!  nice to see her with the kids too 🙂

    she’s only a pupper and all “new and exciting” – believe me if she was that annoyed about the clothes she wouldnt stick about for them to be put on ! 

    i bought a coat for william and he made it as hard as possible for me to put it on by sitting down and refusing to stand and then refused to walk anywhere in it !!  bonnie however, seems to enjoy her hoodie and gets very excited whenever it comes out – plus its only that to wash and not a whole dog if she finds fox poop 🙂

    she’s gonna grow a gorgeous fleecey coat of her very own soon and i am sure your daughter will be much less concerned when she sees how fluffy she’ll be getting 🙂

    claire x

    zoe hale

    [quote author=hotnspicey1973 link=topic=12487.msg241352#msg241352 date=1221757461]
    a few of my baby mia she is between 8 and 10 weeks in theese pics

    [/quote] 😀 :hungry: :canadian:like the dogs top soo cute


    each to their own i say 🙂  personally  I only put winter jackets on mine when raining ,snowing or ccccccold to protect their shaved lil butts  hehe

    mia is a cutie jen!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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