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    Ok this may deserve its own fred

    but i need to work through what happened this morning

    now Meg doesnt like people – she thinks everyone on the plant is out beat the crap out of her
    the worst of all people are tall, with facial hair big built men – now these really are out to hurt her and shes basically petrified of them

    well its no secret really that im seeing someone who fits the above description to a T

    ive not introduced them or anything before this morning – and every morning as soon as i get up i let meg into the front room for meal number 1 (skinny girl is on 4 meals a day and still isnt putting anything on) so i let her eat her breckfast in the front room away from the other dogs as soon as she finnished she came to say HI
    and she was “uh who are you – want to be my friend? uhhh like you cuddle fuss fuss fuss cuddle uhhh your nice i like you fuss fuss lick lick fuss fuss”

    needless to say i was quite shocked but it being just after 7am on a Sunday morning i didnt really give it that much thought – but the more i think about it the more i need to understand why

    its not like her to say the least and im really confused by it really really confused by it


    wags…have another think ….and ermmmm  ;D




    hahaha i cant think my head is like wall paperpaste

    and i said the more i think the more confused im getting about it 


    uhuh…well a starter for 10 before i go down to the graveyard  ;D

    are we to assume that this person didnt sleep in the spare bed  😉  :gum:  :butt:  :whistle:


    honestly luv i thought we talking about Special Meg

    and i dont have a spair bed  😉


    and i thought we talking about special meg that dislikes strangers that don’t smell of ‘safe’ but does like the smell of ‘mymum’  😉


    mmmmmmmmmmmm will test  😉


    😀  😀 good clue! but Wags thats nice really nice that she likes him right  ;D


    Oban though “who the f**k are you grumble rumble” – Oban shut up ya tit – mmmm Ok then  :pray:

    Cleo – ugh yeh what ever  :whistle:

    Glen – dur dime bar  :crazy:

    Brock was uhhhhh hello wriggle wriggle wriggle  ::)

    but Meg wants to be his best friend  ???


    You let him stay and he smells of you, Meg trusts you – you are her world – you think he is safe so she does.
    Some people have a natural affinity for animals, maybe he has and as she is more relaxed  as you let him stay she has picked up on this affinity. Start of a beautiful friendship 😉


    so…why the different response from oban  🙂


    cos hes a t**t

    mmmm Hills if you read this keep it quiet  😉


    Like I’d say anything!!! Does he not know you are a member of this board then?


    oban would like to see who could p%$s higher up the wall?


    Awwwwwwwww poor Oban been picked on  :nono: :nono:  he was just trying to protect his mummy  😀

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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