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    it is with a heavy heart that i pass this news on …

    “meg” has been missing in the new forest and today her body was recovered  :'(

    run free sweetheart, i never knew your kind paws or gentle nose but i dared to hope that you’d come home safe … sadly it was just not to be and you’ve left us … for now …

    au-revoir baby girl x x


    oh that’s so sad. so sorry to hear that. big hugs to you


    Oh no thats ever so sad – Run free Meg  :-*


    Run free littleone  :-*


    that’s awful :'( Run Free Meg :-* :-*


    poor meg – run free.  :-*

    whose was she, and what sort of dog, and how old?


    i dont know who she belonged to, i dont know how old she was and i am assuming as the e-mails about searching for her came from GAP she was a leggy lady of some kind.

    she just touched me because i’ve been getting e-mails that go to GAP ppl etc … about her search and stuff for a little while now and i had so much hope for her coming home safe, i couldnt spare time to seach so i hoped for her and her owners she would be safe, it just seemed more hopeful after Beau came home safe for some strange reason and to hear this was just awful.

    Claire x


    all dogs deserve well wishes to the bridge – but i just wondered.  🙂


    She was a much loved four year old Greyhound she died of a broken neck
    Run Free pretty girl


    i can now imagine what her owners have been though and feel for them…

    run free meg your family will miss you  :'(


    poor girl, run free little lass :'( :-*


    Poor girl  :'( Run free Meg  :-*

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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