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    Thought you might all like to see some pics of Meg recently! A friend of mine has a new puppy dog and we are trying to introduce them all slowly! We have started with Meg and Wally (the new dog) first and they got on well the first time (we did go greets before letting them play). Just got back from our second meeting and they had a little spat off lead – we couldnt work out why, lots of guessing but couldn’t be sure! – but they both stopped “handbagging” and we did a bit more lead walking then let them off and they were fine! Not sure whether to add Ollie in the next meeting or meet with just her for a while!? Any suggestions? Anyway-enjoy the pics! Happy New year to all too.

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    Wally 9 months -rescue!
    [img width=351 height=468][/img]



    dogs greet – dogs want to find who is pack leader dog – meg is (was) bossy and rarry … if she didnt back down and the (what looks like terribly bred scrapling of a dodgy merle boy just coming into “ooooh bits” and a girl dog …) didnt back down then there would be a bit of rarring i guess …

    How did you handle it ?

    interested why you didnt do ollie first – i would have in your position …

    Claire x


    brilliant pics – wally is super cute!!


    Did Meg first on Bev’s advice.

    Think Wally tried to boss Meg so she pushed him to see how serious he was, he pushed further so they made lots of noise and squabbled! Lots of slobber on Megs back but no damage to either one! We said “OI That will do” They stopped, looked at own owner and we called them in separate directions, We both said “what a lot of silliness” and did some on lead walking past and neither dog was bothered-no tension, but Meg was wanting to avoid him! We walked on lead for about 10 mins then let them both play again – Meg doesn’t know how to play with other dogs so there was a lot of chasing and playing in the water!


    Wally looks like a gorgeous extremely well bred cuteypatootie  ;D 

    Sounds to me like they’re going to get on just fine. I don’t know what the most effective method is to introduce dogs, but what I do is let them work it out and give no input whatsoever.  I don’t tell them ‘no’ or anything. Of course I’m ready with a slip lead if anything goes wonky but I try and exude calm and stay out of their way. So far we’ve never had a single incident worthy of note and we’ve met hundreds of dogs.  The closest we got was Sadie snapped and growled at a weimie who was being a prick, that ended it, Sadie really doesn’t like weims for some reason.


    Aw he’s cute!  Just looks still puppyish for 9months.  :-*  If he did that to Izzy he would have got what for, she’s soooo snooty with adolescents!  😀


    he is so cute ;D



    well done you for keeping your cool 🙂  sounds like you managing her real well to me 🙂  dont forget it wont all be meg – he’ll have his baggage to unpack too 😀  i would keep an eye on his relationship with his owner as if he thought about challenging meg – once he’s unpacked he may challenge them too and if he wins, he may try meg again !

    Nick – thats all well and good for a girl like sadie but sadly not suitable for many dogs.  Unfortunately I know from experience and having Bonnie cued has got her out of some sticky situations 😀

    claire x

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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