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    I am deeply saddened to find that certain people who I am sure have benefitted hugely from being a member of this board should be so totally selfish as to provoke an argument over nothing. You are directly responsible for assisting with the near destruction of one of the best sources of doggie info available.

    I believe I am now the longest standing active member of this forum and while this does not give me any special ‘power’ – it does mean that I have seen the evolution and development and just how many people it has touched and how many dogs it has saved, directly or indirectly, over the years.

    Mark – you need to accept that there is nothing in the rules which says anyone joining has to contribute in a specific way. I remember you joining VERY well and just how little you knew – think on that your actions have led to others now not being able to access the same resources that you had.


    Ah yes, Claire, the delightful Claire. And why am I not surprised to see you pointing the finger of blame & shame at everyone else – like you’re so ‘Effing perfect love.

    How can I possibly forget when I first joined? How could I ever forget how aggressive, thoughtless, and down right rude you were to me? How could I possibly forget how I almost left within 2 days of joining because you made me feel so completely alienated, just like you did to the countless other new members who never came back here because of you treading all over their feelings?

    Yeah, like you’re a fine one to criticize other people aren’t you? As much as I am sure you’d just love to be able to blame me for all the ills on the forum I think you’ve probably done a hell of a lot more damage that I have.

    While we’re on the subject of making people leave Claire, have you forgotten already how many people left a few days after I joined because of how nasty you were to me? Proper little miss perfect you are, aren’t you?


    It is a shame that you feel the need to post this and not hang around for a response from Claire  ::)


    Personally i’m sickened that you can even begin to compare your deliberate, continual bullying and abuse of a user in your sarcastic manner with my genuine responses to you or any other user.  I think that it is incredibly sad to see that you are so selfish and ungrateful for all the help you have had from this forum that you cannot even follow the advice of moderators who closed the initial thread.  What a shame you couldnt have just left if you felt so strongly, rather than becoming deliberately abusive.

    Now, I suggest that as Mark has now left – we need to move on and I would suggest that admin and moderators learn from leaving him un-moderated for so long and step on deliberate abuse in the future. 

    Also it needs to be made clear if the forum expects all users joining to contribute in a certain way or not and it should be respected.


    [quote author=piglet link=topic=13593.msg259290#msg259290 date=1233498257]

    Now, I suggest that as Mark has now left – we need to move on and I would suggest that admin and moderators learn from leaving him un-moderated for so long and step on deliberate abuse in the future. 


    Sorry Claire but I think that remark is uncalled for, the mods do their best for this board for no money and very little thanks. 🙁



    In general you are of course correct and I am sure the moderators and admin are well aware that I know this.  However, I am allowed my opinion and they, I am sure, are open to suggestions for moving forward.



    hey mods am doing as claire asked and stamping on any abuse and bad behaviour  😛


    Unfortunately CLaire is suffering at the moment – Bonnie is not well and Claire is panicking (sp?)

    Bonnie is urinating blood every few days, doG knows how long this has been going but have prompted Claire to take her to the vets for a check up.


    Is no excuse simple.

    Hope Bonnies ok  :-\ shes had trouble with cystitis before………she might need checking for crystals id say urine sample asap.

    I removed the thread more because of Marks posts


    Bav said you did good Suz  :-*


    thanks hun  :-*  :-* tell Bev I said hi!

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