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    Please cross post this to all your groups. I am Jacobs breeder so can also
    be contacted on 01425 471104. Jacob is three years old and is of a light
    build for a Bracco, his details can be downloaded from Doglost. Thank you.

    Hi All

    It’s been a hell of a day for Jon and I today.

    Long story short, Jon took the 4 dogs out this morning early, and over the
    ridge of the hill unexpectadly encountered a huge herd of deer.

    Jacob and Solly dissapeared with after ‘playing’ within the pack which had
    by then split into 2 directions. Solly and Jacob following one pack.

    Jon ran after them, but they were too fast, and as we are surrounded with
    woods, eventually lost them both out of sight.

    After a short while, thankfully, Solly came back the same way he went and we
    got him back safely.

    Unfortunately there was absolutely no sign of Jacob, and ever since 9am this
    morning we’ve all been out tracking through the woods, fields and driving
    around all of the surrounding villages up to some 7 miles. We’ve had 2
    friends out on their horses, as well as lots of walkers and dog walkers
    alike that have our number and were looking for us too.

    So far nothing, and it’s getting to be freezing outside. We’re just about to
    go out for the last time, and drive round the fields via the farm tracks.

    We just hope and pray that he is is someones garden, or garage, or a dense
    area where he can rest til the morning. More than anything, we just hope
    he’s not lying somewhere hurt, even kicked by a deer, that’s our main worry.

    Please, please cross-post this to everyone you know, just in case they are
    around this area, or know someone that is –

    I’ve put him on Doglost, but was wary of listing his Microchip No. in case
    someone could use it if they found him ??? should I put it on there ??

    Anyone know ?

    We’re starting a fresh search tomorrow, and i’ll let you know how we get on.
    Please think good thoughts for him.

    Thanks all x


    oh no, any news on this Val?


    Not yet

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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