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    Megan put a plea up for her Nan who has been missing since Thursday her and her family are desperately worried, if anyone can help please pm me through dogboard.

    Hi Guys,

    My nan has disappeared without a trace and I was wondering when anyone is out and about if they could keep an eye open. Its a long shot but we just want to know she’s okay.

    She’s around 5’7 and she’s aged 68, slightly longer than shoulder length blondey grey hair and she wears glasses. Will definately be accompanied by two dogs – one a border collie, B&W around 9 years old answers to the name of Barley and the other is a blue merle sprollie bitch about seven years old and is totally hyperactive and answers to the name of Jasmine.

    Her husband of nearly 30 years is absolutely devastated – police aren’t involved yet. Has not been in contact with any family members since Thursday so we’re all pretty worried about her now. Missing from the Bracknell area but could be anywhere.

    She literally disappeared without any warning or anything. If anyone sees anything that they think might be important or anything at all can they please email me or PM me.

    I’ll stick some details of her car on there when we have some more info.

    Thankies guys. We really appreciate any help.


    P.S her name is Wendy.


    fingers and paws crossed that she is found safe and sound :-*


    Oh gosh Brakcnell isnt that far from here an hour or so – will tell anyone I know, I hope they find her safe and sound  🙁


    is very sad.. hope she is ok and is found soon  :-*


    I’m very close to Bracknell, will keep an eye out when walking dogs :-*


    Thank you Jaydex and Suz  :-*


    oh no family must be devastated! hope they find her soon  :-\


    Megan has informed me that her Nan has been in contact and is safe and well.  ;D ;D ;D

    She asked me to pass on her thanks to everyone  :-*


    Great News  ;D


    phew – a huge relief for her family I’m sure  :-*


    That is good news  ;D


    great news 🙂


    oh thank goodness! thats great news  🙂

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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