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    I rehomed a pair of young terriers yesterday and one of them managed to run away last night on their first walk!

    Molly is a very small wirehaired terrier X (Yorkie/JRT) with a mostly black body an tan head & legs. She is 3 years old and docked. She is wearing a red harness and should be trailing a purple lead. She is very friendly but in a new environment and likely scared. It has rained and been freezing overnight and there is no sign of her. She is microchipped, but it will not yet be recognised by Petlog as the paperwork is in the post (I have rung to inform them).

    Molly went missing in the Guyzance area of Northumberland, map here, which is very rural with a lot of places for a little dog to hide, or even get stuck considering she has lead attached. I don’t have a photo of her…

    😥  😥

    Her little terrier friend is missing her desperately – they are inseperable normally but something spooked Molly and she managed to pull her lead out of her new owners hand when the 2 dogs were tangled up.

    Westways 0191 2747910


    hope she is found soon.


    poor things gonna be terrified really hope someone finds her soon!  🙁


    Oh no, that’s awful, poor little mite, hope she is found soon, do keep us updated  :'(


    Poor Molly is still missing, we are all devastated and trying everything but she seems to have disappeared completely. I just hope someone has taken her in and is looking after her.

    [img width=468 height=343]http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a48/victoriapenaluna/DSC_0020.jpg[/img]

    Molly is the dog wearing the red harness in the photo


    oh no! hope she is found soon, bless her  :'(


    aww bless her – she not missing in my area but will still keep my eyes open, have you posted on dog lost?


    Yes she’s on DL as well as several other sites.


    bless her  :'( any news emma?


    Still no sightings of little Molly  :'(


    oh emma i am so sorry 🙁

    just a thought – i remember you working with the trap/neuter/release team a while back for the moggies, would a cat trap be large enough to try putting out with something tasty in ?  likelyhood that you’ll trap a whole manner of others out there BUT you also might just find your little baby.

    doG i hope so 🙁

    claire x


    that’s a long time to be missing.  :'(

    but i know of someone who lost someone else’s in season bitch (long story) – small breed, short coat, during winter – was missing for a week and turned up safe and well, bar fleas.  :-\

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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