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Misty needs a new home !

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    I have started this thread so I can direct people to a link for more information on Misty.  Please only add to it if you are genuinely interested in adopting her or would like more information about her.

    Name – “Misty”
    Age –    2yrs
    Sex –    Female (speyed)
    Breed – Crossbreed (border collie/small terrier/whippet type makeup)

    has had initial course of vaccinations + kennel cough vaccine in 2007 but these lapsed june/july 2008 and she is currently not vaccinated.

    she has been wormed naturally (not with chemical wormers)
    she is flea treated naturally (not with chemical flea treatment)
    she is fed a diet of raw + bones + natures harvest + wholemeal mixer
    she does not appear to have any sign of scars or injury and is fit and well

    – 5mths old (in EIRE) handed in to dog pound as a stray
    – taken by Inistioge Puppy Rescue into their kennels
    – re-homed by them to couple who then split and couldnt keep her
    – taken back to IPR kennels
    – transported to England to a foster home who tried to home her but couldnt
    – transported up to me for assessment & possible fostering

    – no cats please as though i am a good girl meeting them, i will chase and bark at them when        they run and play.

    – i may be able to live as an only dog if i have my owners as all day human company.

    – i may be able to live with another well socialised, friendly, confident dog and enjoy playing with one of the dogs in my foster home alot.

    – i may be able to live with children as i am a very good girl with a 2 1/2yr old in my foster home but you would have to be careful not to leave your toys where i can chew them incase i think they are tasty.

    – at the moment i am living with a family (mum, dad, toddler and both male + female neutered dogs) and i like my dad best of all.  this sometimes gets me into trouble as i dont like to share him with everyone else.  I am improving with this but it would help me if you were prepared to take on board and work with my foster mummy while i settle in.

    – i can be homed most places in the UK although i would prefer to stay near my foster mummy in Northamptonshire or the surrounding counties.

    – no free access to small animals (e.g. house rabbits) as i rather like chasing the wild verson and am sure that the indoor ones would be just as exciting 😉


    House trained – yes
    Crate trained – yes

    Misty has learned several cues to varying levels of reliability, fluency and sustainability.  She can walk to heel reasonably well using the “heel close” cue on a lead.  She can also turn around using “thisway” both on and off lead.  Misty can “sit” in alot of different situations and this is probably her best cue but she will also “wait” to get in and out of the car and through doorways or gates with some practice!  She also lies down and still for you to clip on her lead.

    Misty is walked on a plain slightly padded flat leather whippet type collar and a standard lead.  Her coat protects her nicely and she will not need a raincoat or fleece coat to keep her warm and she is very likely to chew these and any other ‘dog clothing’ you might try to put on her!!  She might also “hollow out” any of the “duvet type” dog beds as this is a game she likes alot – little tinker… perhaps best with lots of cozy blankets until you address this one !

    I think Misty would enjoy mixing with other friendly dogs at her own pace but she is not ready to go to training classes of any sort just yet.  She is still too anxious and this brings out the worst in her really.  Misty prefers to be relaxed and fancy free – she would love to potter in the garden with you, snuggle up and watch a film or go for a nice chase about in the park equally as much ! 

    Misty is housetrained and will sleep overnight in a crate BUT would much rather be on your bed if you let her 😉

    I will be adding more pictures and video’s of her and more notes on her progress shortly.

    many thanks,

    Misty’s Foster Mummy.


    Here are some pictures of Misty.

    Misty before she came to us.

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]


    Here are some pictures of when she first arrived here …

    found a snuggly safe place !
    [img width=468 height=367][/img]

    tired after helping me revise  😀
    [img width=468 height=329][/img]

    all waiting for tea together
    [img width=468 height=347][/img]

    waiting for tea alone
    [img width=468 height=334][/img]


    Here are some more recent pictures of lovely Misty

    waiting nicely while my toddler has a go on the swings

    ok … enough swinging now !
    [img width=468 height=299][/img]

    ‘wait’ nicely to be let off-lead
    [img width=468 height=293][/img]

    and zoooooom !  practicing recalls

    lastly, the little tinker pinched a ball from my toddlers collection and had a little play with it !!
    [img width=468 height=352][/img]

    (was so cute with her pawing it and pouncing – couldnt face taking it back off her !!)

    Misty and Bonnie playing together

    Misty’s best “love me!! let me up with you” eyes

    Showing off her pretty face
    [img width=468 height=397][/img]

    Sniffing around

    sleep time now
    [img width=468 height=281][/img]


    Pictures mixing with other dogs last weekend !

    Misty and my two dogs
    [img width=468 height=265][/img]

    Misty, my two and many others !
    [img width=468 height=327][/img]


    I’m in the process of adding some video’s of Misty to this post !  I’ll add little explanations of what is happening and how she is progressing aswell once I have added them so please bear with me.

    This video footage was taken as part of her initial assessment not long after her arrival here.  *note* there is alot of loud barking near the end !

    [img width=468 height=382][/img]

    It nicely illustrates the point I make about how Misty would be fine to be homed with confident/well socialised/friendly dogs.  In this video you can see her blocking William from getting near my partner (he is her favourite) – she is all over him bugging him like crazy and at the time he wasnt confident enough (and he is happy to be ‘bottom dog’ in the pack) to give out any signals to get her to stop it!  Bonnie steps in and tells her she wont stand for the same sillyness as William does and tries to get her to stop annoying him too. 

    ** since i’ve done work on William’s confidence and he will have a fair ‘word in her ear’ about bugging him but also, working with her the behaviour has decreased as she’s settled only really surfacing in times of high anxiety.

    This video footage was also early on, the very first time Misty instigated play with Bonnie. *note – more barking on here too !

    [img width=468 height=382][/img]

    Up until I introduce the football it all goes really well.  Then we have a nice example of Misty taking advantage of Bonnie’s attention being on the ball and she gets a snap in at Bonnie who then tells her off firmly but kindly.

    ** since this footage I have worked extensively on the neck snapping and she doesnt tend to do it any longer.  not only has this been tested with my own 2 dogs, but also meeting 35+ racey-chasey dogs free running last weekend.  Misty has come on leaps and bounds since this and I will add some newer video’s to show this soon.  I’ve been quite shocked how bad she was watching these 2 clips back !!!

    Misty has really settled in, in just 6 weeks – this is her and Bonnie having a super little play recently.

    [img width=468 height=382][/img]


    *bump* still looking !


    misty is now reserved pending homecheck and introduction to a new dog friend.


    fingers crossed for you and her :-*


    [quote author=piglet link=topic=12021.msg232338#msg232338 date=1216928474]
    misty is now reserved pending homecheck and introduction to a new dog friend.

    fingers crossed – didn’t take you that long now did it?  :-*


    nope – already wondering if i can persuede steve to take that wee red terrier !!


    oh excellent good luck, fingers crossed the meet goes well and she has her forever home sorted  🙂


    Behave  ::) this one has stressed you out enough

    [quote author=piglet link=topic=12021.msg232344#msg232344 date=1216929099]
    nope – already wondering if i can persuede steve to take that wee red terrier !!


    [quote author=piglet link=topic=12021.msg232344#msg232344 date=1216929099]
    nope – already wondering if i can persuede steve to take that wee red terrier !!
    😀 😀 i think you should have some time off for you and your dogs – i know you’ve been stressed about finding misty a home :-* Fingers crossed for the home check ;D



    i know 🙂  my dogs need some “me” time.

    misty is the first one i’ve had “all on my own” so yep it has been more stressful as i would keep her in a heartbeat if i could and want the superestduperest home ever for her 🙂

    i need some downtime too – laura knows i’ve also been stressed finding homes for 2 GSD’s and have a horrid pet choc lab still to find a space for somewhere 2yrs old and still puppy biting … anyone 🙂

    claire x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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