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    in the dog house…….. 😮
    she went out with the boys (she only ever walks 2 at a time) i said to her take brose – i need to do stuff with ami – so off she trots boys leashed brose loose to heel…

    yells she is back gets dinner on 1/2 hour later i go downstairs – where’s brose? ‘what you mean where’s brose she with you?  nooooo she went with you – ‘no she didnt’ arrrrrrrrrr

    she was still sitting at the church kissing gate – she had obv stepped back to let mo through first and self cued the sit then mo had closed gate and ambled home 😮

    she forgot my princess  ::) we are not talking  ;D


    ooh dear :o………….at least she’s  home safe now :-*


    awww not the princess!!…… well lucky it was the princess and not the duchess 😛 😛 ;D


    haha – the duchess would have let her known she was there  ;D ;D she might have held the sit but we would have heard the wowowing for miles  ;D
    i can’t believe it – am sure she is going loopy – she put the dog brush on the fire and the pad of hair off it in the dog bag the other day  ::)


    😮 Oops!

    Good girl Brose for staying put…

    Hope Mo not in the dog house too long…  ;D


    You should be proud of your Princess 🙂 Poor Mo bet she felt terrible, we all get senior moments when we get to a certain age ::)


    i get senior moments all the time but i dont forget one of the dogs ::)


    lol it shows how behaved and well trained your dogs are. poor little girl she must of gotten bbored waiting lol 🙂


    mind you… i left mo outside the supermarket the other day – she took back trolley and i drove off haha – was nearly home before i realised she wasnt going on beside me  ;D

    brose would have been there until collected if mo said wait – if she didnt she would have come home eventually – mo can’t rememeber if she cued wait – but then she can’t remember bloody taking her  ::)




    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=6213.msg107368#msg107368 date=1167417258]
    i get senior moments all the time but i dont forget one of the dogs ::)
    She forgot one of your dogs, bet she wouldn’t forget Sam, but Kiz you forgot HER ::)


    look – i normally get SENT to the supermarket – so i have an excuse – leaving a dog behind – no excuse

    anyway she is in a strop  ::)


    In Mo’s defense she just normally takes two at a time so she has an excuse and besides its all your fault for making her take the princess 😀 😀


    had that already  ::)


    ROTFLMAO bwahahahaha  😀 . Sorry Bev. bwahahahaha, still funny though hahahaha.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 53 total)
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