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    am staying at nic and debes…they having a weekend city break in belgium..first time away without dylan so nana sitting…dog sitting  🙂
    poor wee lad has a stinking cold with conjuctivis…typical…he being as good as gold…has not cried once and he a right snotbag bless him

    but baby clothes…blimey you new mums dont have make it hard on yourselves  ::) took me 15 minutes to put on a baby grow thing…poppers and missed poppers and gaps all over  ::) ::) doing my head in…and whats with this no sheets and blankets …babes should be tucked up in cot in sheets and blankets :ok: not in a bloody sleeping bag thing…and then have central heating on in night  ::) ::)

    dogs are really helping me clear up though  ;D who needs a vacume cleaner…high chair is huge resource  ;D ;D


    hmm well dunno cos aeryn rarely sleeps in sleepsuits – we like ps in this house haha! but we do have sleeping bags – i could staple blankets too her and she would still screw them up in a ball then cry cos she got cold!! so sleeping bag it is cos we def DONT do heating on at night!!
    however we never need to vacumn after meal times haha! howevers here an interesrting one bev – dex has first say on food in this house be it given or dropped – manny knows that – but mannys the ONLY one who goes near highchair, the other 2 may hovver but they let manny get the food……and aeryn wont feed any of them except manny!! even to the point she went to give dex some food lasty night realised it was him and turned away and fed it to manny…… :surrender:


    Maybe Aeryn’s fav dog color black instead of buff? :gum:



    haha if a suitable buff american cocker doesnt come up then she can have a black one haha 😉


    no  :nono:

    i dont think it that at all…    😉

    suz…..who do you really think is the pack manager and why?


    Well bev i am not really good at putting stuff into words…..i can only go on what ive seen, but manny never seems to do anything without checking its ok with dex first does that make sense?

    is hard with dex and honey dex has started warning her off the food bowls etc, and she will wander off and wait, manny is very submisseve to dex dex can take what he wants off him but not vice versa – unless dex dont want it, i dunno dex is nothing like hoey shes a real just do as i say kinda girl and theres never any question as to what she means haha – dex is much more laid back, where as honey used ot tell dex off and shed really go to town on him – dex will just get manny gently by the side of his face and lays him down on the floor – then walks off – is probably a bit more complex than that but its what i see 😉


    where is honey when babe in high chair and feeding manny ?

    which of the boys did you get first?


    Honey normally alseep on the sofa in the other room – she really has very little to do with aeryn and stays out the way, and i make sure she has lots of space  if she needs it, she getting older now and dont see/hear so good. I got dexter first – then manny about7 months later.

    But, manny will normally jump up to get food from her – puts feet on step of highchair i have a pic somehwere – dexter absolutely would never do that he never puts his front feet up on any counters etc etc he rarely jumps up at me either – if he jumps up at someone its generally with very little ocntact he kinda stands up like a meerkat!!


    been there again today…bless him he really poorly…finally had enough and thought needs doc…jeez…got some twat of a doc receptionist and then a child care nurse  ::)

    it actually was very simple…9am …hello i am his granma think we need a doctor to visit..had a cold over the weekend…he now getting temp variations and is really screaming crying when he coughs…he is not a mardy baby but he struggling to swallow have put him on milk only as cannot swallow he been up since early hours with his dad …his temp up 1 degree…please can i book a visit…
    nice polite…educated no?

    think i went from 0 to 90 in 20 seconds#

    why do you think he needs a visit from doctor…

    just explained that…said nice

    can you bring him to surgery..

    well i could but he has a temp he coughing real bad and he is stressed so can i have a doctor visit please

    you his grandma yes?


    where are his parents?

    ermm…not sure what that has to do with anything but they at work

    dylan screaming in background…

    he sounds stressed

    yes he in discomfort

    as he had a fit?  ….. 😮 >:( ::)

    what? would i call for a doctor visit if he had had a fit  :what: :what: no i would have called 999

    mmmm ..have you checked for a rash?

    ok…lets start this conversation again…i am granma…that means i been there got the t shirt…HE COUGHING….IT HURTS….HE STARTING A THROAT OR CHEST INFECTION…I WANT A DOCTOR VISIT OK

    you cant be too careful with babies…i think you need to 999 and get an ambulance

    😮 😮 😮

    it not an emergency…he does not need an ambulance…he needs a doctor to visit …

    well…will speak to a doctor and call you back

    30 mins later

    cant get the doctor on call…think you need to call parents and get one of them home to bring in to surgery

    okokokokok…pissed off by now…

    will call dad and get him to surgery in 20 mins…ok?

    oh no…cant fit him in now…we have 25 people waiting and there are no appointments left for a morning appointment you need to call at 8.30


    finally got a doc at 4pm….he has a throat infection…his throat is blistered and very sore…


    would hate to be a new mum in this day and age


    would rather have a litter of puppies…dont get me wrong….love him to bits…just a litter of puppies is easier…


    Thats truly shocking – i can honestly say through all aeryns breathing problems chest infections the second i said its for a 1 yr old i got any appointment within a couple hours max normally within half an hr!! I might have to sit on the phone in a queue of 20 odd people to get it but they always very good bout it!

    poor little lad i hope he feels better soon xx


    We had that Kiz with my Dad…..
    He has constant thrush in his throat …………..can’t swallow very well….. got so bad last week he could not even swallow water.
    Need a doctor to come out……….
    Can’t he come down the surgery……… no he is too weak
    will get the triage nurse to phone you in the next hour
    she phones…….will get the doctor to call after surgery :ok:
    after surgery the doctor phones……….. what’s wrong with him?
    can he come down for a blood test?  :-X :-X
    no he is too weak……..
    she comes out takes the blood after 4 attempts ::)
    will give him a prescription ……… collect in an hour
    Mum goes to get it ………..not even written out :what: and the bloods still not been put in………. Mum had to hand them in at reception :nono:     


    well…i dont know suz…nic registered at the doc he been at since a kiddy…debs with the one she been with since a kiddy…1 mile between them…dylan with mums doc…i know that at our docs kids take priority…esp babes…been in doc a lot this year…and yep…they will say…a babe/kid coming in or is in so your app will be late…no ones minds for a kiddy…or if they do they out of order…but it was ridiculous…easier to get into fort knox ffs…he 10 months…we exp ..esp mo …was like wading through mud…when she called back she actually said ‘is that the stressed granma’  i said ( you know me ) no…its the granma that knows when something is wrong with her stressed grandchild ( while thinking up yours silly cow )

    have told nic to change him to our doctors…


    lassie… i had recurring thrush after op…esp in mouth…couldnt shift it was given various prescipt stuff ..then a mate told me to get goldenseal….worked real fast and never came back

    you know me i do natural stuff but dont ask…val will no doubt have more info on it


    Deffo agree with them changing his docs – at the end of the day kids can go downhill so fast o doctors should make them wait – yes i know they always get the mums and dads who have the kids there for every tiny sneeze but well better safe than sorry i think! Mind my docs are just as good to me – when my back went a couple months ago ( disc injury from car accident) it totally went i couldnt sit stand or lay down, it was soooo inflamed it was a joke – first time i called they was out to me within 2 hours – next day i went to them – and they even gave me a doc downstairs on request!


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=16163.msg282466#msg282466 date=1322513361]
    lassie… i had recurring thrush after op…esp in mouth…couldnt shift it was given various prescipt stuff ..then a mate told me to get goldenseal….worked real fast and never came back

    you know me i do natural stuff but dont ask…val will no doubt have more info on it

    Thanks Kiz will let him know :-*

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