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    Hi Girls
    Thanks for the grand job you are doing my path and Bev’s have not crossed in weeks, at the moment I am drowning in dogs, why they always want them done again for christmas I cannot understand.
    My fractured toe is still giving me pain which doesn’t help with getting the dogs done or me on the board a bit more than I am at the moment, have now got it strapped I still manage five mns here and there and I am pleased it’s quiet at the moment as I am working early morning to late haven’t even written a xmas card yet.
    Never mind will get done this weekend.
    I have booked myself out over Christmas so will catch up properly then
    Take Care


    ;D Awww fanks Val that made my day!

    AM drowning in dogs too so know how you feel (can I fit an old english in – NO BUGGER OFF  >:D ) sorry to hear the toes still giving ypu trouble my mums hurt for weeks just try and keep off it when you can  :-*

    Am trying to work through this stupid cold feel like crap  🙁

    Forgot to say wont be here from xmas day till the following monday at my sisters but will probably nab her pc and get on here at some point xx


    Aww Val  :-* You deserve a well earned break at xmas me thinks  ;D  :agree:

    Hope that toe gets better soon  :-*


    Urgh I feel like crap – every dog is a struggle right now just having half hour break in the hope I can get some energy back  :'(


    Aww Suz {{{hugs}}} hun  :-*


    fanks but dont get too close  😀  :sick: fed up of it now, if im not sneezing im coughing  ::)


    Aww poor you  :-* just dont get too close will you please!  😉 :ok: :ok:


    No am REALLY sick  :'(  :'(


    :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    Get better soon (((HUGS)))


    Thanks hun – I cant remember last time I felt so il, never this ill with a cold  🙁 nearly cancelled all my work today  :-\ just popped on here for five minutes then going to bed  🙁


    am getting on when i can…not helping that claire is sinking fast and not listening to me when i can get to see or chat to her

    and in trying to stop my mother falling i have buggered my hip…lord knows what i have done to it  ::) all i need….

    thanks for all the support…sorry if i dont reply to texts and emails xxx

    have a great xmas  :-* :-*


    Claire is having a bad time eh bev  :-\ whats her hubby got to say bout all this?

    How is Falkor?  :-* And your mum (sorry got that in the wrong order didnt I!!  :-* )


    Take care Bev


    Hope you’re feeling better Suz  :-*

    {{{hugs}}} Bev, try and have a good Christmas  :-*


    Am feeling much better thanks NAt  :-*  :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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