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    think we need a chat area for thread comments and rants…here we go  ;D


    Ooh what a good idea, this could get juicy  ;D  😀


    Excellent Idea!  ;D 😀

    Who’s going first???


    well all i have is a rant ….and not in the mood at the moment as am trying to put it out of my mind until i can at least rant calmly…if you see what i mean…which you prob dont…

    but it re richard and the weims……

    so someone else start  😀


    Ooh yeah you went to see him yesterday didn’t you – I guess it didn’t go too well  :-\

    Can’t think of anything myself – no ones really pissed me off lately LOL  😀


    Oh Bev – come and rant when you calmed down  :-*

    I have nothing to rant about sorry!

    I did groom my competition  airedale today

    will post her pic, dont like posting for everyone to see  :-*

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    Vals got all the pictures to inspect  😀

    its cold and wet here  😛 and was horrible accident on A3 today  :'( i got stuck in serious traffic, mainly because people were stopping to gawp  ::)


    nice groom that  looks gorg

    and your post in the dear me… you go girl a mod now…if they answer in a negative way…you can edit haha xxxxx

    the saga of the weims continues at the moment…will bring you up to date when and if ….


    fanks Bev – shes like the nicest airedale girly EVER she doesnt even bite over nails  ;D she loves me think her mummy gets a wee bit jealous cos she gives me cuddles and shes not an affectionate dog as a rule  😀

    the oh dear post – yep haha, well its true the dogs dont think they look stupid and the dogs that DONT like it dont get used simple as. I know its not to every ones taste but those dogs are loved and well treated  :-* ohhh edit negative comments hehehe  >:D  ;D

    ((((((((hugs))))))) dont let it get you down the weimie saga bev  :-*


    it sure aint getting me down hun… firing me up big time… just about at pre sugar boiling point…and according to mo…thats hot…. >:D


    😮 ohhhhhhh someones gonna be in trouble then!!


    Great groom Suz – wheres he before piccie  ;D


    lol sorry was being lazy thats the last pic I sent to val so was easy to ‘paste’  😀


    Me thinks Izzie has a stalker LOL  😀


    I have several  😛 😛

    Suz, the airedale is gorgeous!  :-*


    Thanks Izzie  ;D

    whos the stalker Izzie?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 296 total)
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