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    Going to try and get some new photos of Fritz this weekend  ;D

    Jess Beau – BEHAVE!! Or we send Aunty Bev along  >:D

    what question Bev?


    oh that question lol knew someone would!

    What can we do to help?


    the prob with pup is jaw….gordon hasnt bred a bad jaw pup in any of his lines ever…the other prob that we know and he knows too is the jaw probs also bring herniating disc probs ..also never been a prob in his lines…maybe that is why mum had a failed litter previously and absorbed the other pups this time…it seems to be a combined gene…mary is aware of this and wanted her regardless…

    i have replied…we just need to shut her up unless mary decides to say anything…have pm’d mary


    I think saying shes too big will put an end to it – you already said earlier on she sbig and will need lots of feeding – Laura will believe it  :-*

    Well im glad that the pup – whatever her problems has got a home with someone who knows about it  :-*


    sure they will love it suz…it a great idea …they have just the spot for it on their wall

    i am going to donate to one of the charities of their choice…when they let me know whcih one that is  😀


    told you Laura would accept that explanation  😉

    I hope so – just got to get the ‘right’ photo – I wish I could go on the day but its so far and I just cant afford the time off work  :'( But wanted to get them something special, not just another toaster  😛 but she getting it done from a photo of a CLEAN fritz – just to remind them he is clean sometimes  ;D

    hehe give her a kick up the bum re the charity  😉  😀

    AND – I might have the chance to go to Atlanta next March  😮 and go compete in there huge four day show  😮 I dont know for sure, if my friend can save the money then for definate! I got to get saving hard, but just for plane flights, as we got free board etc etc  ;D Is very scary thought – have never flown before my mums not keen on the idea either  ::) but if I can im going  ;D wont ever get another chance like this again!!


    no you wont…so go for it…you only young once…and if you dont go you will live the rest of your life wondering…


    Your right, im so hoping my friend can afford to go!  ;D I wont fly on my own that for I dont think it frightens the life out of me, but if she goes im going to – so exciting and the wonderful lady putting us up will supply me with dogs to compete on!!


    Suz, am so jealous!  😀

    Go for it hon, you dont get many opportunities like that!  ;D


    Trying to find out how much flights would be – am crap at that, apparently is straight flight from heathrow to atlanta  ???

    more details I have less chance my mum will throw a paddy  ;D

    Got to say rarely get oppurtunites for things QUITE like that – very very lucky!


    If your friend cant go, why not take your mentor? 😉 😀

    Have been officially asked to start up a training club for socialising dogs with livestock!
    If I didnt say yes, they would look for someone else, even though I have already said yes!  ::)

    So I said yes!  ;D


    Anyone can come if they can afford the tickets  :DOhh well done – when do you start that – Honey likes livestock specially horses  😀


    Dont know as yet, will sort out the finer details when I stop panicking and when am back home  😀


    awww you will be fine –  :-*


    I only have one major niggle, that is I dont intend staying in that area and am looking for a job that is out of the area with accom or nearby without accom so am a bit  :-\ :-\ at the moment :-[

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