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    Molly and I were out with our dog walking group and Molly found a mud bath to go in as usual.  She always seems to find mud whereever we go


    Well she likes it even if you didn’t  :yes:


    😀 Bless  ;D


    I don’t really mind her going in the mud – it just seems to fall off her when she is dry.  The shampoo I use has the same effect as a the oils in a bird’s feather.  This is her deciding to have a wash in the stream


    Where did you get Molly from and how old is she?

    I groom one just like her……………

    Glad she enjoyed the muddy puddle  😛


    lovely…muddy lass…

    can i ask …without causing offense…why she in a harness…just the trainer in me kicking in.. 🙂


    Hi Suz, Molly is 2 years 6 months old and I got her from Hamilton, Scotland.

    She wears a harness due to the fact that she doesn’t really like loud children and one night when I took her out for a walk there were some loud children about and I had to pull her a little to get her to walk and her collar came right off and I was left holding a collar and lead and Molly was running home – luckily it was only 3 doors away from where we stay but if it had been on a main road I dread to think of the consequences.  It also comes in handy when we are out with our dog walking group if she gets into any sort of trouble as we can grab hold of the harness. 



    yep – alot of ppl put harnesses on small dogs so they can whip them out of any trouble … normally i wouldnt reccommend leaving them on for a number of reasons (e.g. getting caught on undergrowth / barbed wire, another dogs teeth …) BUT having said that I have saved William from a couple of tight spots by grabbing his as he loves water but struggled getting out of steep banks – thats when walking sticks and harnesses come in veeeeery handy lol !!

    i would get a good buckle collar for her – i have these on both my dogs due to “plastic clip incidents” that i have witnessed which are incredibly frightening 🙁 

    Claire x


    if ur really worried for your piece of mind you could get a light double-ended leash (Rogz do a lovely pink one) and walk her on a flat buckle collar and have a second martingale collar on her with the loose end of the lead clipped on it.

    this is what i do if I am somewhere i REALLY wouldnt want to lose my dogs

    claire x


    I also got a harness for her on the recommendation of my vet when I told her about the incident with the collar and lead.   I must admit I do prefer walking her with her harness as it gives me more control.  The harness came in very handy when she was being “attacked” by two dogs when I had to pull her out of their way and also when she fell over the embankment into the canal and it was a bit too steep to climb out.  My daughter’s boyfriend grabbed her by her harness and passed her onto someone else.  That was quite a frightening experience.


    hehe – yep … i have tugged wills dog out by his when he used to wear one !!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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