Murphy’s 1st Birthday

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    ;D Happy Birthday Murphy  :-* licks  Sadie and Bisto xxx


    Thanks guys  :-*


    Happy Birthday Murphy



    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :-* :-*


    Oh Murphy, I missed your birthday!!!!! 

    Happy Belated Birthday! xoxoxoxo

    Karen & Dash


    Thanks anyway Karen & Dash  :-*


    and the Smurphster will be 3 now!! wonder how they all doing?


    Funny you should say that – is a nine month old dog spiiting image of Spud on dogpages – poor things been rehomed once and bought back  :'( reminded me of Spud and wondered how Jayne was doing baby keeping her busy  😀


    Busy isn’t the word Suz  :laugh: I love it though.

    Must put the pictures from my phone onto the PC and show you how my Princess has grown – she’s 8 months old this Saturday.  Murph was 3 on the 12th of Sept and OH was 40 last Saturday.

    The boys are fit and well and are just fab with Erin, Spud’s quite protective of her when we’re out and about.  Got the pram and dog walking down to a fine art now.  Dogs love it ‘cos we go out with a bowl and 2 litre bottle of water in the tray under the pram so I’m a mobile dog refreshment unit too.  Spud takes the right hand side and Murph takes the left LOL

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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