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    They could laser the lashes off her lids in the meantime you don’t need a vet you need an ophthalmologist just imagine how your eyes would feel if you had your lashes going up and down your eyeball everytime you blinked


    Have these Weimaraners got Entropian, Ectropian or distichiasis?

    The mode of inheritance is different as will the be the treatment.

    It is not wise to breed from dogs with eye problems.


    They really do look like each other don’t they.  They may remember each other.  Arnie is such a lovely dog too and he does like his food very much.  Arnie even eats anything unsavoury when he is out for a run as well so we are trying to discourage this as its a nasty habit.  When we got him he wasn’t tubby at all – just in good shape I would have said.  We worked out that Arnie was bought from the breeder in Derby at 19 weeks old and then was kept for 6 weeks by the previous owner to us.  Even Arnie’s previous owner said that the breeder was a little strange and I agree that she shouldn’t breed again.  Does anyone suggest mentioning this to the Kennel Club? 

    It’s quite funny that his other owner allowed Arnie up on their sofas as I see you do Oscar and Juno.  We haven’t allowed Tyler on ours so Arnie has to stay on the floor too.  It’s so funny he tries to get on at every opportunity  – he’s so cheeky. 

    Arnie doesn’t chew like your Juno and we are just trying to get him to play with toys and hold things in his mouth.  He has such a lovely nature, the children play with him and fuss him even when he is near food – there doesn’t seem to be a nasty streak in him – so the breeder got something right at least.

    Great to chat to you Justine –  will update you with more news soon.

    Helen – Arnie’s Mum

    It’s just Arnie’s left eye that seems to be the problem.  We took him last week to a dog clinic to get his injections and the stand in vet there told us we should look into the problem as it was just a wellbeing clinic and no one there was qualified to look at it.  Arnie’s bottom eye lid seems to be doubled up over towards the eye – not sure what the correct name for this problem is but we are sorting this out as soon as we can to avoid any more pain. The vet at the clinic said that a section of the skin needs removing and the lower lid sewing back in place again.  Obviously your vet knows what he is talking about with regards to Juno – perhaps her eyes aren’t as bad as Arnie’s.


    yep – you want hugh as bev says for your eyes weime that lives on northants/warks border.

    if my dogs needed anything major they would go to him no question. 

    claire x


    [quote author=Dark Blue Mist link=topic=12078.msg242157#msg242157 date=1222116367]
    Even Arnie’s previous owner said that the breeder was a little strange and I agree that she shouldn’t breed again.  Does anyone suggest mentioning this to the Kennel Club?  [/quote]

    If you haven’t already reported your dogs eye condition to the KC can I suggest that you get in touch with one of the breed clubs like the WCGB even if you are not a member this information will then be passed on to the Breed Health person.  

    The Kennel Club are taking steps to monitor health in dogs and as these are from a popular line its important that if a known hereditary eye condition is found in more than one puppy in the litter that the other owners are notified which the Kennel Club can do if you are unwilling to approach your breeder.  As All the dogs come from Gunalt lines albeit your puppys dam was not bred directly by them, you might also want to get in touch with the Hollings at Gunalt to let them know.  As an Accredited Breeder they have a responsibility to their offspring.  They come from a line that includes a longhairs.


    It is somewhat of a surprise to me that longhairs have known hereditary eye issues, what specific eye issues do they have over and above shorthairs? What documentary evidence exists to support this view?


    Eye problems are seen in both long and short hairs its not common but occurs in both. These particular dogs have a long haired line in their pedigree as the dogs are short haired owners may not be aware of that.  Its a point of interest.


    The BVA/KC/International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) Eye Scheme offers breeders the possibility of eye testing to screen for inherited eye disease in certain breeds so breeders can use the information to eliminate or reduce the frequency of eye disease being passed on to puppies.

    The eye scheme currently relates to conditions involving the eye itself and not those involving the tear ducts, the eyelids or other surrounding structures. Therefore hereditary eye conditions of the lens, retina and other internal structures are listed, whilst eyelid conditions such as entropion, ectropion and distichiasis are not.

    These latter conditions are of importance, but because of their extremely complex nature and the paucity of scientific evidence relating to their degree of heredity, they are not included in the Scheme at present.

    So as can be seen as Weimaraners are a)not on either Schedule A or B of the KC/BVA/ISDS eye testing scheme AND that b) entropian, ectropian and distichiasis are not actually screened for and c) E, E and D are not KNOWN hereditary conditions there is no need for alarm.

    Added to that there are no differences in either short or long coated Weimaraners with regard to health issues, neither one nor the other has more or less problems.


    If weimaraner owners are not aware of eyelid conditions that the breed are prone to or the health issues that the breed because of its conformity are susceptible to then they have not done their homework and imho are not responsible owners.

    it amazes me the amount of owners I meet who know nothing about bloat, gastric torsion and think that a weim is hyper….  ::)

    Tasha I presume you are from Brighton – Spearhil  ???

    Good to have another silver shadow lover on board – however it has to be said Sweetypye has forgotten more than I know about this breed and dogs in general  😉

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