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    i’d agree with that too Richard i didn’t learn until i was shown physically until then i thought i was doing it right  ::) and i wasn’t …. and i’m not just saying this, beau was at serious risk of doing something bad and being pts all because i didn’t manage properly, once you see someone that knows what they are doing work with your dog and explain their body language etc its amazing and yes you can learn loads on here it is never the same as having someone there physically showing you  😉


    Send me the pedigree when you have time will have a look  ;D

    [quote author=Gracie link=topic=12078.msg234301#msg234301 date=1217796682]
    Gracies Daddy is Gunalt Good Will  🙂

    and well i have my own theories about Gracie, didnt know at the time, that reminds me Val if you have that KC book that has all the registered litters would be interested in you looking up Nov 05  🙂 let me know when you in the mood for detective work  😉 (sorry going off topic now)

    and ahhh the puppy blue eyes love em  :-*


    ok…hang on folks…cos where we at here is not where any of you was at ok?

    this is not normal new pup in house needs to learn stuff….look at the vid of amilou and cubert in the cubert post…look at amilou actually teaching pup to speak dog and to learn manners

    this boy cannot do this …cannot do the nooch stuff..cannot even do the beau stuff..this is a serious resource issue and it not going to be helped by increasing resources at the table feeding stuff for example

    richard…you have not got this lad sorted at all really have you…you have not got the martini cues required…as in leave it, recall, stop, sit, down etc etc etc anytime anyplace anywhere…

    the pup is at serious risk and…this is what she is learning….to leave the risk until you have to physically remove him from a wee babe is not good…not good at all…she is learning re-enforced defense aggression and he is learning that what the hell cos i will only be sent to my bed and there is always tomorrow….

    this is really a real serious issue…you got this pup now…and i know the intentions of GF were good but……the lado is not accepting her and the way you are dealing with it is adding to the problem

    sorry you dont want to hear this i know…you dont always answer my q’s for whatever reason and thats ok..but….you are risking the life of this pup and to be honest …and i do not say this lightly you need to take some positive action that involves your boyo without him seeing this lass as a threat …if you cannot do that then i suggest you re home her…too much too soon..

    sorry…. 🙁


    I agree totally with what you are saying Bev – what I am saying is that he is completely out of his depth – even with my limited knowledge I dont have a clue where to start with all this.  He needs help and more help than writing stuff on a dog board will do.  :'(

    He needs professional help and he needs it yesterday  🙁


    This is a problem that Bev would have more luck with than ever I would, but I just wanted to say your boy already had problems before Juno came, now you have her she’s not a puppy but by the sounds of it a rather frightened young adult, it would of been better to sort your lad out first as you now have a male thats a bully and a timid young bitch that also has her own baggage I think you need to do something pretty damd quick


    breaks my heart to read this post – wish I could be of more help.


    i know mudgie..i understand were you at …all i am saying this aint no noochiepoochie ok  :-*



    To kizkiznobite, i completely agree with what your saying and to the best of my knowledge ive always tried to answer all your questions.

    But Im desperately trying to make this work and all the advice been given has been great. I won’t let this escalate and im going to be strict to the rules. I will make this work!!!

    Oscars a really great dog and has improved leaps and bounds over the past week just because ive been the calm and assertive leader i should of been at the start, setting bondaries etc. To be honest i never thought a few weeks ago he’d be as well behaved as he is now.
    Then the new pup comes along. So ive got loads of NEW problems. I’ll sort it out. The only problem is even though alot of people have suggested i see a professional, i really can’t afford one.
    So im going to stick to the advice thats been given.

    Thanks again for all your comments and advice.

    Richard, Oscar and Juno


    Don’t “disappear” Richard – keep with it and Kizkiznobite is Bev – she has helped us all (as have the other favourites on the board – you know who you are  :-*) 

    We will help all we can but Bev is the expert in this


    Hi Mudgie,

    Im not going to dissapear. The thing is when im given a piece of advice about the problem, i get all excited because the more i know the better i will be at making the situation better. But when a negative comment comes up, even though it’s very correct, i start to doubt myself again.
    I really can’t afford a professional as i said in my previous post and im really determined to make this work, so thats an option i can’t go for.

    So im hopefully looking to all you for your advice, which you’ve very kindly given me. 🙂

    Right so Juno is very timid around oscar, how can i change this?? She does play with him! But he wants to play all the time and she doesn’!!!


    But here’s where it gets difficult – is he playing with her  ???  it is early days for Juno – I take it you have had Oskar from being a pup – i.e. you are the first home he has come to  ???  Juno has had another home  ???

    Have you a video camera or a mobile with a video that you can film them then upload to the forum  ??? 



    i just messaged you! 🙂

    Yeah we’ve had Oscar from a puppy and yeah juno was with her mother until we got her.

    I’ll record them when i get in and post it!!



    good – would be easier to see behaviour and interaction than describe it  ;D


    Yeah im not very good at descriptions.  ;D


    hey richard i couldn’t afford bev either but she helped me out  😉 i am really pleased you are very positive as its harder when you are not, but be careful you are taking the right advice, i think your work is cut out with your boy rather than juno at mo? i think its working his resource guarding which by the way includes your whole house!  😉 you, your GF and anything else that existed before juno came which presumably is why he walkes her around when she stand up he does and as you describe brushes against her to move her to where he wants, presumably this is his controling the environment what she is allowed to enter etc and this is all very important for you to work on  🙂

    but yes vids would help loads i’m sure  🙂

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