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    [quote author=RichardD link=topic=12078.msg234435#msg234435 date=1217857665]
    Then the new pup comes along. So ive got loads of NEW problems. I’ll sort it out. The only problem is even though alot of people have suggested i see a professional, i really can’t afford one.
    So im going to stick to the advice thats been given.


    Have you approached a behavourist at all?
    Many of them have varying prices, have you got Oscar insured? have you checked that to see if he is covered?

    Have you even pm’ed Bev to ask how much she charges?

    Am not having a go, but until you look at the options and charges you are facing, how do you know you cant afford someone???

    I could sit here and say do this or do that, but you need someone to come and observe you and your dogs, vids are ok to a point but they cannot show the whole picture.

    Youv could type it all up till your fingers are blue, but a trained eye will pick up the small things that you might not.

    I would suggest you look at the different options available to you, contact behaviourists get their prices, some even do payment plans should you need it, and then make that decision.


    Hi new to this post but just wanted to wish you luck. I also agree about getting a good behaviourist. The right help is invaluable and possibly more effective than online advice. I’m not saying it doesn’t help but a behaviourist really needs to see the dog and observe in the flesh! good on you for sticking with it all though 🙂


    Richard is sorting out a behaviourist  😉 or rather the behaviourist will be sorting out Richard  ;D


    [quote author=Mudgie link=topic=12078.msg234490#msg234490 date=1217866657]
    Richard is sorting out a behaviourist  😉 or rather the behaviourist will be sorting out Richard  ;D

    Best of luck Richard!  ;D


    good luck richard let us know how it goes ;D :-*


    good luck richard  🙂

    Jenny s

    good luck to you richard, oscar and juno 😉

    wont be long and you will be fine  ;D


    Felt a bit up and down reading this – but if you seeing a behaviourist GOOD will help like you wouldnt believe. I know its hard when you cant afford things BUT I think its really needed, not just for your boy but to prevent anything horrid happening to that young girlie  🙂 Is easy to say you shouldnt of got her – hindsight and all, but you seem prepared to work to sort it all out so I wish you the best of luck and please come back and update us  🙂


    Good luck, maybe your GF would go halves with you on the behaviourist? Trolley Dollys get good money dont they 😉 😉 😀



    Quick update, Oscar and Juno were lovely last night. They played well together and there was no incidents. Obviously the problems still remain but never the less they were really good together. I tried to ring the behaviourist last night but i may of been to late, i shall ring again tonight when i get in. Ive also got to post a video of Oscar and jun playing. Which i shall do shortly. I think alot of people assumed i’d have a few negative comments and i’d just never come on here again. Well this isn’t the case, alot of you have invested and alot of time and posts giving me advice so the least i can do is keep you updated with the daily goings on of Oscar and Juno. Rest assured i won’t allow Juno to be harmed!!!

    We took Juno to the vets last night, she’s apparently growing really well. But and there’s a but apparently the breeder was a …. well i can’t use the word, but you can imagine. She hasn’t had a single injection, which i new about but also hasn’t been wormed, had any flee medication. She’s got a little hernia but apparently thats nothing to worry about, its more cosmetic. She’s got a really bad eye infection and also might depending on how she grows have to have surgery on her eyes because of how the skin is around her eyes, which is supposed to be common but her case is a little more servere. She’s also got an infection around her, lets just say lady area.
    Poor thing!!!  🙁

    Also as far as the behaviourist goes we were also recommended one by the vet who specialises in weimys, she apparently trained a few weimy crufts agility winners. So ive got a few options. She’s also only 15 mins away.

    Richard, Oscar & Juno


    thats great news richard thanks for updating us….but poor juno not in a good state poor thing  🙁


    I did not know that there have ever been any Crufts Agility Winners in Weims?

    News to me!


    so what is the behaviourist name who “specialises” in weims then  ;D  I can feel a little research going on.  Sweetype would know about weims in agility she the expert on that  ;D

    Okay eye thing is real common in weims – probably scrolling third eyelid nothing to worry about – hernia – no big deal either, infection around her lady bits – amoxycillin will sort that out.  Eye infection – be careful when putting drops in that you dont cross infect. So you also need to up her immune system – vitamin e and selenium good for that  😉  

    Have a look on stickies re witchy woo stuff – I dont give my doggies chemicals unless they have infections that pencillin is required for – I dont take them to vets unless they need surgery or stitched – I keep their immune system high so they have good bacteria to fight off the bad stuff.  means that rashes, infections etc are all very minimal  ;D  And if there is a herbal witchy woo alternative I will use that  ;D  

    Have a read through the health threads and be overloaded with info….. any questions keep on asking, behavioural stuff Bev expert on dogs – weimy is a dog  ;D good to have choices  health stuff and witchy woo stuff then Val great on that.  

    They have probably forgotten more than a lot of us know put together but then they are right oldies  😀


    I think the place is called Hooligan Hounds!! But not 100% sure, the info is at home.
    Thanks for all the medical advice, i may have to read it a few times to understand it all 🙂

    And i shall indeed keep on asking questions!!!
    Its funny really when i posted the orginal message i only thought i’d get maybe one reply. Well how wrong could i have been.

    Thanks to you all again

    Richard, Oscar & Juno


    Richard where you and pooches based  ???

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