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    Max has learned in two weeks

    leave it
    recall to whistle
    to settle downstairs while im up here for a short time
    started learning manners *sort of*
    started heal work *sort of*

    and my head hurts :crazy:

    i dont know the last time he was off lead but apparently he boogers off, so tomorrow i am going to let him off lead!! yey, cant wait.

    im not doing it on a whim, Bev has suggested it and i trust her judgement. unless its raining *ducks for cover*

    i’ll let you know how it goes.


    Sounds like you’re doing well, good luck tomorrow  ;D


    Its even more fun in the rain!  :tease:

    Good luck tomorrow!


    awww good luck  :ok:  :happy:


    [quote author=Izzie link=topic=12413.msg240013#msg240013 date=1220970256]
    Its even more fun in the rain!  :tease:


    yeah right Izzie, specially when it rains pissistently while youre out, then, when you get back, the sun comes out. 😉


    :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    Dont know what you mean!  ;D ;D


    must have been like a steam room in your car on the way back, no wonder you got lost :tease:


    It stank of wet dog! ;D ;D ;D

    Gettingwet walking dogs is good for the soul! :tease: ;D ;D


    keep telling yourself that. ::)


    well done so far – and good luck!


    just thought that i would use the 5 min ‘out of the crate while i go out’ to go to butchers to get black pudding for the recall, best place to be when i let him off.

    ‘sorry love we never usually run out and they have normally delivered by now, but theyre late’  ???

    so i go to the hardware store who cuts keys.

    ‘no, sorry, we dont do name tags’  ???

    hes got a pet finder or whatever you call it, but the previous owners have moved, so who knows? also thought id better get my number on him, safe/sorry and all that.

    am now cooking up some liver. do you think im putting this walk thing off? :gum:


    oh, and i did some ‘left/right’ for his breakfast and im thinking ‘blimey, i got a bc here’ hes going so quick. then ‘oh, hes a bulldog’, he suddenly lies down and looks as if hes forgotten what he was doing.
    short bursts of brain activity followed by slow whirring of cogs lol. gives me a breather anyway.


    You are doing good by the sounds of it!!  :yes:

    Get him out for a walk!  ;D ;D


    heres how it went

    waited (a split second) before leaping into car, got comfy and travelled as if an everyday boring occuerence. parked up, no reaction while i sorted myself out (i think i took the kitchen sink with me, dont know why). waited while i opened the back and got out when asked with a ‘outside world?, we not going for a walk are we?’ dropped liver around me and then went walking.

    at first he stayed pretty close or behind and didnt really look to me, fair enough. fox poo, leave it, ‘i didnt want it anyway’. went onto some grass and he didnt like the thistles! he was ‘ouch, these hurt’,  and tried to daintily avoid them. i went back to the path.

    huge puddle across path, being a lab the inevitable happened. he started to walk further ahead, each time he looked like he was going to look to me i spoke to him good boy, on you go etc. i would say that he didnt really go any further than15ft away.

    then he was far enough away for me to try the recall, gulp.  no hesitation :ok: lots of praise and liver and then on you go. he was going anyway.  recalled 3 or 4 times, each one no hesitation :yes: :yes:

    no people, cars or dogs. it would have been a different story if there had. but. he did brilliant.

    we turned around and went through that big puddle again and he did a loon at meand jumped up, big reminder to control himself and he looned around me instead.

    got to the car he recognised it and stood by the door to get in. reminded the wait.

    hes now soaking wet and lying by er the front door.

    i am supposing this will change as he gets more used to going out and his brains go to his balls.
    they said his recall was non-existant, thats crap. that he boogers off, ditto (am i heading for a fall saying that?)

    sorry for the epic post but im so relieved that he was a good boy :embarrass:


    sounds excellent, well done!  :ok:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 118 total)
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