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    Hi everyone, seeing as I’m still sort of wiping the slate clean as it were, I thought I’d try and write down some of my current thoughts and worries about Izzy’s training…

    I’ve had her for 2.5 weeks now and to be fair, she’s been good as gold. House training wen’t without a hitch and she’s now happy to “hold it in” until she’s either allowed out into the garden at home (or the office), or she makes a specfic little winey noise which lets me know she want’s to go out!

    As I’ve said before, she generally sits well too (with or without food) which is great, but only if there’s not too many distractions (people visiting etc)… It’s getting better with distractions though.

    The biggest blooper I think I’ve done so far is allowing Izzy to run around the paddock when she get’s to work (For everyone who hasn’t read my previous posts, I work at my parents house – all the pics I posted of her running around in grass was taken in that paddock).
    I’ve been reading lots of things about Recall and expecially Bev’s topic about Criteria and I’ve got to start again from the beginning at C1… I’m fine with that… It makes total sense!

    However, my question/worry now is do I completely stop all access to open grassy areas for her to run around in and toilet? Do I take her out to the big paddock on a lead instead? Or should I just restrict her “running about/toileting area” to a much smaller part of the garden? Do I completely stop all running about?!? That seems a little harsh, but if it’s necessary, then so be it!

    At the moment, I’ve stopped all access to the paddock but still allow her to run around a  smaller area of the garden. If I stand in the middle she sort of just runs around me and then sniffs a bit then runs around me a bit more. As soon as she starts straying a little bit more I call her and she comes back again and runs around me (90% of the time anyway). If she doesn’t come back then I start walking back to the office and as soon as I’m out of sight and whistle she comes trotting round… Is this destroying all the recall work I’ve got to do inside with Criteria 1? If it is then I guess I’ve just got to bite my lip and always take her out on a lead instead?


    until you get the fluency at the lower criterias – about 3 days training 15 min sessions 4 times a day…put her on a long lunge …about 30ft and use that to lure her in with to re-enforce the recall….

    get a toilet spot going – that way she will go there for life…so locate the pee and poo to an area by clicking and treating her…get the ask to go and the going on cue…see the cubert post …there are threads on this am sure someone will direct you to them

    and remember the 5 mins per month rule for serious excerise and belting about like a loon – she need to protect those joints  🙂

    the more training you do the more tired she will be….it exercises the mind too…once you get going with the clicker then do some free shaping…that willl wear her out  >:D threads on here on how to and what can be done etc

    mix and match the training so some sits some downs some recall etc all at different criterias also mix the cue and sequences – so a verbal sit a whistle down etc it will stop her getting bored with learning  🙂
    have emailed you more stuff  🙂


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=12105.msg232892#msg232892 date=1217232457]
    about 3 days training 15 min sessions 4 times a day…

    Thats another question answered before I even asked it!! Thanks 🙂


    ;D you will get used to me…….

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