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    About 2 months ago there was an incident in our local park with a Japanese Akita. It’s a bitch but is ridiculously oversized and routinely bullies other dogs, some of them stand up to it but other’s don’t. One morning it appeared from nowhere and ran up to Cass, there wasn’t time to react and being so timid Cass imediately submitted and lied down but the Akita got on top of her and pinned her down. She was squeeling like a baby & crying but i didn’t want to intervene directly in case i reinforced her fear, so i approached them without speaking and Cass struggled out from under it and ran back to me upset – the dog went on it’s way & i thought that was the end of it but it has effected Cass more than i realized.

    Because the Akita was white she has now made a negative association with any dog that happens to be white. Twice now she has gone to run away if a white dog approaches her & she’s so scared she wont stop. Today was the second time a white dog appeared from nowhere & this time Cass ran out the gate and started running down the road away from the park with the other dog running after her. I had to really shout at her to make her stop & once the other dog stopped chasing her she came back in the park & sat by my side waiting for lead to go on.

    I don’t know how to manage this because it’s already done the damage & dented her confidence around dogs that just happen to be white. How do i stop her running away in fear like this? I wasn’t overly worried about the fact she ran out the park gate to the main road because i have taught her strong road sense so she kept on the pavement but thats besides the point. I don’t want my dog being bullied the way she has been & am annoyed that people keep letting thier dogs run up to her getting in her face because i never let her run up to dogs we don’t know so i don’t see why they can’t control thier dogs.

    How do i get through this without making matters worse?  The thing that i didn’t understand is how she managed to find a gate that we have never even used to escape.


    Poor Cass :-* ,never been in this situation Mark so cant give advice, I’d be concerned though about her getting out of the park, if she’s that fearful of whatever is chasing her she could run out into the road. Maybe you could get her a long lead(mines 30ft but you can get longer) in case you come across any white dogs within the next few days then at least you can pull her back in if she starts to run off?


    The problem is this stems from an incident over 2 months ago so it’s not something that a few days on a long lead will help. This is the trouble with having such a sensitive dog. I just want to be able to stop her from reacting the way she does so that i can get her back on lead before she runs away.


    ummm, Im pretty useless on the whole when it comes to things like this but would this be a time to maybe find and use some white stooge dogs or could that do more harm than good, maybe :-\

    Poor Cass, hope you find a solution Mark :-*


    Not much good on solutioning I’m afraid – I would guess you will have to find someone friendly with a good natured white dog that is prepared to help you out to start de-sensitising her.  :-\ But I would keep her on lead till you have solutioned – people don’t think clearly when they’re panicking and neither do dogs so running into the road would be a risk for her in that situation. Poor Cass.  :-*


    We’re going to get Bev’d in a few weeks time, so it’s ok now.  ;D


    i would tell the other owners to keep there dogs under better control >:D


    On another note I own an Akita and i’d be very concerned that someone is actually letting their’s off lead.  They are known to have selective hearing and as witnessed they are dominant over other dogs.


    You know i never even thought about that before Lucy. It’s actually the only Akita that goes off lead in our park, the others are kept on lead. Someone told me yesterday that the same dog bolted accross the road to the shops and knocked someone over before, the shopkeeper reported it to the police. I also remember an incident a couple of years ago when Cass was a baby where a lady came up to me and told me to put Cass on lead quickly because a Spaniel had just been attacked by an Akita in the park but i never thought that it may very well have been the same one.

    The trouble with me is i have a bit of a gob on me when i start & i wont think twice of telling him how much damage his dog is causing other dogs with it’s bullying the next time i see him.


    Poor Cass, sounds like this has knocked her confidence Mark, we have a similar issue with Toby with black dogs after he was frightened by a standard poodle, will be very interested to hear about your meetings with Bev if you get time to give us a little update!


    [quote author=Mark. link=topic=12669.msg244926#msg244926 date=1223881695]

    The trouble with me is i have a bit of a gob on me when i start & i wont think twice of telling him how much damage his dog is causing other dogs with it’s bullying the next time i see him.

    do it

    i would – and have in the past

    bless ickle Cass – shes a big woose dog really

    any nice white dogs you can meet up with

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